Why Trump Still Talks to Reporters

MSNBC’s Alex Witt spoke with Michael Wolff, Author of the new book, “Landslide: The Final Days Of The Trump Presidency.”» Subscribe to MSNBC:

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Why Trump Still Talks to Reporters


  1. President Trump will go down as the greatest president America has ever had. Look at the state of the country now that Biden is in office,his approval rating is the worst of any president in American history a year after the election. Look at every issue put in front of Biden not once did he make a decision that would help America or Americans. From cargo ships on the California coast to Afghanistan all he has done was raise taxes killing the middle class while leaving the poor for dead while threatening the rich.
    If Americans have any dreams of ever owning every day things from gas,food,a job,ect to owning a dream business or a house Americans must vote Trump back to the white house….

  2. Don is a con man, a bully, a racist, a person that does not care about anyone but himself.
    Selfish, self centered, greedy and corrupt.
    The GOP cult will do anything to hold on to power and influence.
    They have sold their souls. Lie, cheat, steal, they think everything is OK to hold on to power.
    They will say or do anything to take down and discredit any opponent.
    Faux Noise has done much damage to the country and the world by spreading disinformation.
    He was trying to monetize his loss and fleece his supporters to fill his pockets before he left office.
    The con man keeps the con going and the gullible or naive send him money.

  3. Cnn and Msnbc is now considered to be the most hated, dishonest news media outlets in the United States. They work for the elite that want to divide our country so they can enrich themselves. People like pelosi and the biden political thugs are destroying our country. Wake up people. They are using this virus as a political weapon .

  4. I searched to find out what MSNC is saying about the massive surge in violent crimes and shoplifting and all I find are Trump videos. I didn't even include the word "Trump" in my search. TF?! If he passes away, how would you make your money? Wait, are you still making money?

  5. Those Demon wanted to collect as much money possible and using the excuse that he is running in 2024. That monster may you won’t make it to 2024. To Evil and his health is compromise.

  6. Trump's deadly he's a car without a steering wheel you can't trust that. He lost his temper when he ordered up the wild insurrection to hang Pence and turn the government over to him. Loosing your temper enough to do something like that is not combined with all his other traits appealing or safe. Trump lives in a world of people praising him even when he lies and cheats and he can draw some crowds but when he draws a crowd of 10 thousand people that's what he sees he doesn't see the millions of people that aren't there so he thinks he's the greatest. Once again Trump Hitler and his Nazis will find out they aren't worth it. Vote blue 💙🔵

  7. "Why Trump Still Talks to Reporters"? The better question is why reporters still talk to Trump! American Hitler has taken up far too much of the conversation. I like that Stephen Colbert had taken to censoring his name last time I watched. The only thing I want to hear about Donny the Genocidal Maniac is his criminal charges, his verdict, and his sentencing!

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