Who Just Gave Donald Trump $1 Billion?

Senior Columnist for Bloomberg Opinion Tim O’Brien and Ben Rhodes discuss the new investigation into the financing of the former president’s new media company that Republican congressman and Trump ally Devin Nunes will become the CEO of. 

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  1. Sounds like you are getting Hunter and Joe mixed up..they were taking money from Ukraine and Hunter was not qualified to do that job. Hopefully his laptop will straighten this up for those who refuse to accept the truth…MSNBC , CNN and others who are biased and refuse to report all the news. They are running the country in the ground.

  2. Why are you so obsessed with Trump? You should start to look into your own dirty laundry ie: Hunter Biden for example ! Looking from outside it's quite difficult to follow your narrative I am not american I consider myself a reasonable person with enough experience to have a personal point of view. You are damaging even more the TRUE DEMOCRATIC PARTY I hope you go back to the policies of Bill Clinton who was very much loved all over the world. I fear you are going to lose power and finally the White House in 2024

  3. They're not stupid they see the change coming and it is. We must shut this government down or replace the idiots running it they are cartel members they money launder they profit from heroin fentanyl human trafficking and abortion they even profit off the baby parts that's why they want you to wait until the 9th month. You are forgetting money and business doesn't listen to you.

  4. This billion is to finance his social media platform, good for Trump, if I had the money I'd give him 2 billion. Ukraine is being invaded because of Biden's stupidity, if Trump was in office this would have never happened.

  5. I love the statement about there's their sincere worries about where trump got a billion dollars because it could sway public opinion and policy while the Democrat party has been swindling in billions upon billions of dollars which currently shapes the whole ideology that every person in this comment section currently holds to some degree great. It is a very good thing thing that hes finally getting some funding on that same level

  6. Donald Trump is the only President to ever give his whole presidential pay,, that's 450,000 a month, to kids with cancer,,or the St Jude hospital,,how much has Hillary Clinton's foundation giving to anyone but her self,,NONE, or how about Joe Biden, how much has he ever given to anyone but himself,,NONE,,so please spare me with all ur Trump misinformation,, and LIES.

  7. The MOSCOW MADIA And VLAD PUTIN Gave It To Him. Now VLAD Can Get Back To His Distraction In The UKRAINE .The RUSSIANS Will Do What It Takes To Get TRUMP BACK IN Office So That He Can Destroy The USA From Within.

  8. Some many people here are going to be pulling there hair once my 45th president becomes the 47th president. If I can live through the Obama and Biden years. You’ll be fine. Unless you like all the stuff that is going on now. TRUMP2024

  9. If someone gives you a million dollars and people ask you who gave you that money what would you say right
    My guess is is not of your business who was the person who gave it to me right?

  10. You guys will eventually figure it out. Maybe Hunter Biden is gonna invest in it with the millions he raised and Joe the 17 million that he raised while he was out of office mysteriously maybe he’s investing in it no mention of them being reported anyway that’s why you’re readings are plummeting by

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