1. Since the audit began in late April, misinformation about its findings has spread on social media. Trump and his allies have falsely claimed an entire election database was deleted, that more than 70,000 mail-in ballots counted in Maricopa County – home of Phoenix – were never sent, and that the audit found 250,000 fraudulent ballots.
    Now the number has ticked up to 275,000.
    40,000 bamboo ballots were sent from China. Shredded ballots were fed to chickens and the chickens burned.

  2. We All Know the crooks don't wanna give up the Evidence! When a Crime is Possibly committed,the Feds Come and Raid it,and Take The stuff, They Need To Raid the place with The Computers, pretty easy Fix,only an idiot would not see it!

  3. Real facts checkout how many parades in trumps name where the biggest boat parades and gatherings in history and you think joke lieden won bawhaha with hiding in closet uhuh im sure at least 2peeps voted for joke biden

  4. So sick of this BS Trump lost and needs too get over it he has said it he lied about voter fraud all Trump wants too do his too become a dictator and rule the country like a communist country so mark my words if we don’t realize this is Trumps goal we will be another Russia or North Korea if we don’t stop Trump NOW and stop allowing him to demand all this crap HE LOST END OF SUBJECT TOSS HIM OUT LIKE YESTERDAYS GARBAGE

  5. What is this suppose to be? You said nothing and showed to reason to even watch you saying it. The fact that many others are paying for the audit, not just the AZ Senate, shows how strongly citizens distrust what happened. At it's base you are asking AZ, and all American, citizens to not believe, or pay any attention to films, testimonies and information claiming to be facts which do not add up to what they say the total it. In their minds those who saw things and have questions are just stupid. As good citizens they should shut up and accept what the Democrat election committee tells them.

  6. There should be no issue with forensic audits if it was a fair election..Democrats cheated .Biden has never been liked enough to get that many votes.Anyone that follows politics knows that with no doubt.

  7. Here’s my point you say there’s millions of dollars going into this private audit but here’s my point out of all of it Mark Zuckerberg came in and he gave millions of dollars all over the place how much other millions of dollars came in to put ballot boxes every place so they could vote by mail where there was no chain of custody nobody watching that so already somebody is broke the law but here’s my biggest point it doesn’t make any difference on that aspect of it but what does make a difference if there was two ballots in there that were not legitimate did it not cancel out to ballots for a legitimate person so that’s four votes that wound up going down the toilet that’s what I’m getting it your math may not be the same as mine but I am legitimate I’m trying to say I do believe in every way that there was fraud and plenty of it you don’t pull boxes out from underneath the table and say oh well we put them under there when there was a leak if you watch through the whole thing guess what happened the table comes out with a cloth already on it but nobody ever goes near that and then the boxes come out late at night how is this possible and then the lady stand there and you can watch him put the same ballots in over and over and over again

  8. Let me ask question you sit there and say something to the effect of these private contractors are millions of dollars going into it yes probably so but how about this there was millions of dollars coming in for Mark Zuckerberg that’s a private individual why was he allowed to do that do you see my point right there it was already stepping over the balance putting in ballot boxes where they don’t belong this is not in just your state but in many states he has interfered as far as I am concerned and yes I am on Facebook but you know what I’ll give it up if he comes clean on why he did that I make no apologies I do believe there was corruption andA lot of it but here’s my biggest point if there was two ballots that came in they were illegal that’s two ballots too many that’s for votes that just got canceled to illegals and then you took to peoples real votes away do you see my point now

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