What the 'Trump for Speaker' movement is *really* about

Former President Donald Trump isn’t discouraging chatter that he should run for Speaker of the House, but the possibility it happens seems pretty unlikely. In the latest episode of The Point, CNN’s Chris Cillizza discusses why Trump probably won’t take the speaker’s gavel in 2022 despite calling the idea “very interesting.”


The ‘Donald Trump for speaker’ idea won’t die

Marjorie Taylor Greene lays out demands for GOP House speaker vote if Republicans retake majority in 2022

Kevin McCarthy drops out of House speaker race

McCarthy to visit the former president in Florida, showing where he stands in a post-Trump Republican Party

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Writer: Chris Cillizza
Producer: Moira Donohue
The Point Editor: Lauren Dezenski
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  1. The “sense og humor” here is… poor, to say the least … saying “ecco” and then simulating an ecco exemplifoes the generel type of joke on these segments well – and it’s…. not… making me laugh…

  2. The Speaker of the House is 3rd in line for the Presidency should something happen to the President and Vice President…. That's what that's ABOUT…. That's HOW they could get him back INTO the office of the President…. It's an insidious plan which means some poor schmuck gets knocked off or at the very LEAST permanently incapacitated and so does the vice PRES.

  3. This, dear Chris, is one of the truest things I have heard recently!

    D. Trump think he is allowed and should get away with all he wants and does.

    But mind you, that is not unique for him – even a decent amout of Democrat supporters feel the same way, as long as they've just kept their savings for it.

    This is not a Trump-problem, but a plutocratic one!
    So maybe you should think about redistribution of wealth. Clearly, many if those whom possesses these, aren't capable of administrating it… Like… most of them. And who do you think plays the biggest part in making life miserable in America?

    Being a political analysist, it shouldn't be that hard, Chris – please answer!

  4. I don’t think Trump has any real interest in being speaker and, even if he did, he wouldn’t be stupid enough to admit it. Democrats would run their entire 2022 campaign against Trump and how a COVID ignoramus could be the leader of the House. That could cost Republicans the election next year. It’s best for Republicans to run on a platform that democrats are a bunch dangerous leftist loons.

  5. The republicans want this guy for speaker of the house…
    Katie Johnson's full testimony of 2/11/16


    Video testimony of Katie Johnson detailing several sexual encounters with Donald Trump at age 13, in the home of Jeffrey Epstein.

    New Tape Shows Donald Trump And Jeffrey Epstein At Mar-A-Lago Party In 1992 | TODAY


    Prince Andrew… Royal Fallout Trump… gets elected president of the United States and the entire Republican party falls in line

  6. Donald Trump has been in over 3.500 real lawsuits in which there are court records of his crimes. Type "trump crimes" into google and read, avoid political sites. This video is talking about the Republican party making up fake political crimes and trying to make people believe these crimes. Biden has no criminal record nor did Hillary Clinton. Trump repeated the phrase "crooked hillary lock her up" over 1000 times as a brainwashing lie. She could have been killed by the terrorist types that support and believe Trump lies. There are internet sites that document Trumps over 30,000 lies in the last 5 years. Trump is a 24/7 criminal and liar.

  7. Ms. MarTay, the Thing from Planet Gosar, and even The Donald are only eyeing the SOTH position with the goal of being gremlins and screwing with Biden. Zero concern for the government; GOP Uber Alles!

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