WATCH: Officers who survived the Jan. 6 attack tell Congress what they want to see happen

The U.S. Capitol and Metropolitan Police officers who testified about responding to the Jan. 6 attack on the U.S. Capitol said they hope the House investigation considers whether members of Congress and their staffs collaborated with the insurrectionists, who were driven by the false argument in Republican circles that President Donald Trump won the election.

“I need you guys to address if anyone in power had a role in this,” said Daniel Hodges, a D.C. Metropolitan Police officer. He added that he believed it was important to know if anyone in power “coordinated, aided or abetted” the people who carried out the attack, as well as if anyone tried to downplay the events or prevent an investigation from uncovering the truth. Capitol Police officer Harry Dunn said it was no secret that the insurrection was politically motivated, and that although Republican Reps. Adam Kinzinger and Liz Cheney are being lauded for serving on the committee, other lawmakers in the party shouldn’t shy away from telling the truth about what happened. He added that he wanted the committee to “get to the bottom” of the person responsible for sending people to attack the Capitol. Capitol Police officer Aquilino Gonell said he hoped the committee would consider steps to better fortify the building and give his colleagues the tools to respond to such an attack in the future.

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