1. Facebook steeling intellectual property. Execute you have. They damaging bodies according beautiy standards. You receive tax in4years.

  2. I don't like Facebook but there is a thing called self control people need to start learning how to do it stop blaming social media platforms movies and music alcohol and drugs for their own inability to be able to control ones self have
    some self-control

  3. Of course, Congress will not protect We the People…… just kids. Why? Because the Federal Government is in cahoots with Facebook when it comes to being on the "Make" with adult data and information…..as part of their Domestic Surveillance endeavors.

  4. The big lie the democrats keep talking about is a joke! They lied about the Russian Hoax for years and cost is 40 plus million dollars!

  5. The channel has shut many of us down so we can not comment on anyone that would like to participate in a lawsuit class act. leave a note

  6. let's start with guilt: The information provided does it prove without a doubt? Facebook the CEO all management knows all these facts and are accountable at levels. I think they are take the wistle blowers level, the difference she found laws being broken and acted others did not and are guilty of acts against humanity from multiple levels and they should be asked to come forward if they want immunity from legal actions. This is legal and it will uncover so much more. These suggestions are just that, although the accountability of knowing they were acting against crimes of humanity at a world level.

  7. Instagram and Whatsapp were nice products before FB bought them and destroyed them. Instagram was about sharing cool pics of everything like nature etc, FB made it about young women's bodies. Whatsapp was about having fast and private conversations and FB is doing everything to evade that privacy and get that info for their advertising. FB should not be allowed to buy all the communication channels.

  8. It's user and platform are corrupted than ever and the people of this organization is clearly taking advantage of this to make money, the admins responsible are going to go on like this forever if not overseen, the company needs to be be stoped and regulated strictly by government as soon as possible….

  9. Glad to hear a congress member admitting Facebook has employed lobbyists. Terrorist groups such as the TPLF have employed and paid the offshore dollars to lobbyist against Ethiopia. As the testifying woman said Ethiopia is a victim of Facebook as well

  10. My personal testimony ……

    There is solid evidence that due to irrational actions of cyber army associated with DDP, in Taiwan, we have limited freedom of expression on social media.

    For instance, they played a wicked trick and keep making a report to FB regarding my comments on DPP government policy. Consequently I can't go live on FB for 30 days since late June.

    I’m not the only one whose rights to use FB suffer from their irrational actions. The evidence has been accumulated that our freedom of expression in Taiwan is disturbed as such.

    Shame on cyber army associated with DDP.

    FB plays an indispensable part on these matters.

  11. Seems they don't like independent media via FB, because it contradicts their narrative on mainstram media. So now they trying bring it down. Why not go against all media and marketing then.

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