1. I'm sorry if you today in 2022 haven't adapted to today language reality, crap, friggin, morron,stupped, ahole, words like that irritated YOU ,I'm so friggin sorry, i deal with language reality 24/7… 70 years of my life, and what irritated me a most is wen in front of my face others want to make me think that they, I'm talking wen I say they i include from KINGS, to SARGENT, in and off uniform, in close doors are a different escenario, I'm i lien or not, One thing i know I'm not good at all is, spelling, you know why…OK listen up, I didn't go to school at all to learn English or any other language for the matter so is i think i don't know ,WHAT SAY YOU? is it that one of the reasons but other than that all I can say is that I'm SORRY, by the way I hardly like to be apologetic what so ever, but now today I WOULD LIKE TO 👍 APOLOGIZE FOR everything I have se that annoyed you or any one…SORRY, HAVE a nice day .

  2. Media, cover news ,HOW YOU PUT IT? THEY SED AN SECRET LOCATION AND THEN THEY GO ON SAYING A SECRET LOCATION INTO SO AND SO CONTINUE GIVEN INFO. THEN THEY HAVE THE COJONES TO CALL IT SECRET LOCATION !! IS IT THAT SO SECRET ! COME ON GIVE ME A BRAKE a friggin brake stop given out INFO to Russia military, stop, stop, stooooop, you are such a I don't find words I the dictionary to apply it to you capacity of morrones, such a f*** out of f no good of no good of every thing let's put it that way !!!

  3. Youtube is suck to remove this video. What is wrong with this video? It is just a news that reflect the reality in Ukraine right now! I hate Social media nowadays. I hope Google & Facebook will be bankrupt one day!

  4. Millions of Americans need help, decimated towns, abandoned factories all around the country, the Midwest falling apart, the Appalachia looks like a desert and here we are still trying to “help” other people while our own suffer, this looks like and article from the onion.

  5. the actor doing his best acting! he doesn't want to talk! he brought Ukrain into this, he is a puppet. Ukrainian is dying, stop playing a hero and free their opponents.

  6. Спасибі за все. Але нам більше нічого не потрібно крім закритого неба, літаків і протиповітряної зброї щоб захистити наших дітей. На землі ми можемо впоратися голіруч

  7. I have so, so much respect for President Zelenskyy. Other leaders would have fled the country in the face of overwhelming force and terror. This man is a true leader and will be remembered as one of the greatest men to rouse his people to resist and fight against the invading Russians.

  8. Why are you so blind to see ??? Now zelensky starts wearing the iron cross ??? Wtf ??? Jewish wearing the iron cross on his t-shirt …..wtf is wrong with you people !!! This war is bull**it … The world elite is profiting from this crisis and you are watching the show on your TVs ….sick society …..

  9. Please notice the NEO NAZI symbol on his shirt.
    What was going on in the UKRAINE before the war?
    NEO NAZI groups were growing!!!!
    This man is against migrants on his country!
    This man is part of that movement. That's why Russia invaded.
    You are actually watching Russian forces fighting NEO NAZI.
    Do your own research.
    The United States is pushing for WW3 why? Build back better.
    It's right there on his shirt!
    He is against immigrants coming in his country.
    Again do your research!!!!
    They are all in it together!!!
    America is to have no part in the War.
    Medical aid is all the US should send.
    How much is the United States giving this country?
    This is to arm NEO NAZIS.
    We are being lied to.

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