WaPo: This is what Trump's PAC is spending its money on

Former President Donald Trump’s political action committee has raised $75 million in donations so far this year, but despite Trump’s continued support of the sham Arizona election fraud audit, none of the PAC’s money has been used to fund the audit.
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  1. A rogue government fear of President Trump spending unlimited taxpayer dollars to investigate, Harrass, intimidate to ensure President Trump cant hold office again , after 4 plus years of Democrat obstruction 2 impeachments and multiple investigations

  2. He's scamming everyone. Money going straight to his pockets cause his loans are all due in 2022. If more audits are needed then send him the bill for those audits n stop using taxpayers money!!! He'll stop them!

  3. Who cares , biden is hated now. Biden is sick as is the dnc. He would rather go after Americans and parents than illegas carrying covid into the states.
    This isnt mere senility, its politics and stupidity. Too bad so many people let this hypocritical party rule their lives,

  4. The money chump has been scaming from people he spends on cheese burgers and diet coke then he stuffs the rest in his pockets . He is a lying cheating crooked criminal looser who belongs in prison.

  5. Trump Bidden all over the place . He was on 2, 2 08, 5 fox. He’s blaming you about the fraud on election. Dems much have planned this too! Be careful I don’t trust dems or him. Now the news are saying you did fraud.

  6. Trump has a way of being right… It's amazing how many things you guys laughed at as far as Trump goes and he turned out to be right on the money..!!! I think he's right on the money this time !!! But will we will see 🙈🤪🙈

  7. The big lie !!! is this is the safest election in history… You guys were saying that before the lecture was over ?? And pushing for mail and ballots…. Now come to find out that's where most the fraud is !! Audits and forensic audits are happening all over the states right now new ones joining every day….. It's great cuz no matter how hard they try to cover up the truth it will come out…..

  8. Trump's rallies are so huge it's amazing !!!! Massive rallies !!! I'd like to see what Joe and Kamala can do as far as a rally goes….. I don't think it's going to be much !!!

  9. Will the Democrats be able to get enough idiots, illegals and dead people to keep control of both Houses in 2022 and to keep control of the White House in 2024, because anyone with any common sense is not going to vote Democrat

  10. Jim Baker also had nearly 100 million in Donations and we all know the outcome of that Scam! Bernie Madoff scammed billions from probably the same people Trump is currently scamming! Charles Ponzi was a Rank Amateur compared to Trump!
    Donald Trump is the all time biggest SCAM perpetrator in the history of the civilized World and "y'all is fallin ferit!"🤯
    salvis meam sententiam 🦂

  11. I don't care about people who won't get the virus shot or wear a mask. They have the right to die since they believed what Trump said about the virus. "It's like the flu." Since they don't like the government telling them what to do, I guess they don't wear vehicle seat belts either. We need a lot less Republican voters out there anyway. These people have been drugged by Trump with the big lie. I would never believe a criminal like Trump or those around him that's been indicted for crimes. There's an idiot born every minute in the U.S.. No wonder people are scammed out of money everyday.

  12. This story is a surprise to anyone? How much does Trump/his "campaign" fund owe to cities where he held rallies for the last six years?

    Oh, yeah — and this is the guy who promised he'd pay for his Presidential campaign out of pocket. Who'da thunk it?

  13. Why isn't Trump's fraud the same type of fraud as Steve Bannon was charged with when he kept the money from the Build the Wall charity?!? How is Trump able to do this when he can't LEGALLY run a charity since his crime family defrauded their charity?

  14. Massive mega rallies aren't cheap…. And some of Trump's rallies are enormous…. Just Biden never had that problem with 30-40 people show up ?… And why would you believe someone this label fake news !! They even the ratings are down 68% wow 😲 why ? Because they twist the truth into what they wanted to be !!! China propaganda news !!!

  15. Biden who was in da office for nearly 50 years and did nothing now wanted to unite the country, but the MSM still wanna tell their narratives and the sheep's calmly listen's 🤣🤣🤣..
    Meanwhile biden's "quote" (my butts been wiped) haha.. the whole world is watching @ woke Americans and their funny clown president…

  16. More ex president TRUMP bashing from racist, socialist fake propaganda peddlers CNN…ZERO "reporting" on the Biden dictatorship destroying America and the good American people of all races and creeds.

  17. CNN always spreading lies that’s why the facts are not being show they’re is many evidence. It’s not for me to show the American ppl but they must look outside this fake news source. They’re telling ppl their opinion and no facts backing them up or any real people to back up anything they say .. why haven’t they let the machines be looked at and the pass code to get in to the routers it’s not that hard to se the truth . They use this fake news source to help them keep the lazy ppl from researching the truth.

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