1. All that air in Trumps head, how can he have a deficiency in Oxygen? Fake news!

    However, it would be super cool 😎 to see Trump just float away at one of his Klan rallies!
    Nature has to do what the DOJ can't!

  2. I am glad it took trump to get sick ( not enough) from Covid 19 for him to realize that it was real. Not real enough for him to realize he should have changed his life and could turn his whole presidency around positively and save 100's of thousand of lives. Unbelievable!!!!

  3. What really, really pisses me off is that he drove around with all those secret service people in the car with him. If I was a mom to one of the agents I would knock Trump flat on his fat a**. Just for starters!!! He is risking their lives to pretend he was fine?!!! GRRRRRRRRRRRRR

  4. It's almost beyond words. Meadows basically says it never happened…& then writes it was true so he could sell a book?! These clowns should be doing magic tricks at backyard parties, Not running the US. Despicable.

  5. In hindsight treating Trump would have saved us from the Jan 6th attempted coup. The lies of votes, threats against poll workers, AZ rally, etc. He's been a terrorist and tax evaded.

  6. About time they start tell the truth. We new he was besides having Alzheimer's. If he was so sick why was he running around town in the beast and exspossing his body guards. He should have been in bed.

  7. What's even more despicable is he insisted on taking a drug that had not been proven safe by the food & drug administration because he refused to allow V.P. Pence to be in charge while he was in the hospital which I thought was a standard procedure.The fact that the drug he took must have helped him as well as his narcissist selfishness. This is another reason I call him Antichrist Trump.

  8. Trump and his staff deliberately attempted to get Joe Biden sick at the debate. Why is that not a topic of discussion??? It was a ham fisted, premeditated negligent homicide attempt on the future president.

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