Ukrainian president Volodymyr Zelenskiy addresses US Congress – watch live

President speaks to both chambers of Congress in the latest in a series of speeches to western leaders as he works to galvanise support for his country

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  1. If the hostilities drag on and if serious escalation happens , and if his seat becomes too hot for comfort ,than the “stand up comedian”,wearing two hats and who is revelling in the spotlight of global attention , will simply slip away concluding that the highly rated “reality show”, which has shot him into international prominence is taking on an hazardous turn . He might one day just surface on the Broadway to continue with his comical act ,from where he broke it off .

  2. I would like to talk about the civic action tech platform that I developed. Please contact me.

  3. This man needs aid and needs it now why aren't our pill military groups mobilizing and helping this country just because our president doesn't have it back up to engage in all conflict do you believe it's our duty as a country to stand with Ukraine rather they are sovereign Nation or not I reach out to all those who have military backgrounds say mobilize that's helped this man and help his country I do not think that he asked too much

  4. So many dinosaurs-the last guy wasn't even paying attention. We need more leaders like Zelenskiy- young, strong and uncorrupted.

  5. Your European allies need to help you Zelenskiy. The US is not the World Police. We don’t need to escalate to WW3 over Ukraine period.

  6. Did the congresswoman say a greeting to the SS division "Galicia"? Now I know we're on the right side. Гитлер – капут! Уроды.

  7. russian general died I hope the end of Putin will be the same🇺🇦🇺🇦🇺🇦 long live Ukrayna

  8. russian general died I hope the end of Putin will be the same🇺🇦🇺🇦🇺🇦 long live Ukrayna

  9. YT: this is fine. Please ban Russian proxy accounts from Vietnam, Bangladesh, India, and Nigeria. They’re spreading misinformation. We have taken steps to doxx the leaders of these operations and they will be apprehended soon.

  10. I don’t blame him from wanting to close the sky. From his perspective his people and children are being bombed right NOW.
    Russia’s purposefully targeting and killing civilians from the sky while the world’s scared to act based on “what if’s”.

  11. From Japanese citizen point of view, I were annoyed when he mention the event of Pearl Harver attack.
    As he shall also announce Hiroshima nagasaki at his event at Japanese Congress, maybe next week,
    He should pay more attention for histories, as there are several point of view

  12. Youtube notified me that this content is classified as offensive. What in the world is happening?

  13. Sep11,Pearl harbour..Yes We agree.But this former comedian editor filtered Iraq,Vietnam,Cuba Hiroshima,Nag,starving North Korean and many other uncountable cruel action did by those..
    Only speak about pearl harbour,sep 11 is show his cinematic spirit.
    Putin must leave out.
    Comedian must come to real world.
    Pray for the Europe.
    World is divided.

  14. I get it, you need help, but I don't want a war between NATO and Russia. It is horrible that people are dying in a useless and pointless war, but helping you more would risk a large scare war or even world war 3. It's not about "income" anymore. I can't really blame Zelenskiy, but he is sure annyoing.

  15. When I saw the video including the sound effects from it is surely surprised me of power of Hollywood. 👍👍👍

  16. Its ashame when you have to wade through You Tubes attempt to block us from seeing this video to watch it.

  17. This is horrendous, but the very concept of a no-fly zone threatens to scale this war up to something unimaginable in the modern day.

  18. No No-Fly Zone. I'm sorry but Ukraine isn't worth starting the 3rd World War over. A War that no one can win and no one will survive.

  19. Maybe they did know it before. But now, Republican members of Congress must know Putin would have not gone this far without Trump in the White House. This blood is on their hands.

  20. The situation in Ukraine is an example of irresponsibility of Zelenskiy. No doubt, this is the worst president of Ukraine, he could stop conflict in every hour by negotiation, but hi didn`t. And the most important, he is asking for more US weapon and he will get it, but it will not save lifes in Ukraine, it will cause more pain. Ukrainian army has no chance agains Russia and he knows it, but he still doesn`t whant to speak and stop this, he only makes this worst by asking for weapon. Someday this will end, but will stay in the Ukraine history like a bad joke.

  21. This president will enter the pages of the history of world leaders. Just saying .. 🙌🇺🇦✡️🇮🇱

  22. Партия без народа ничто! Пусть хлопают сами себе! Нашёлся тут Роберт Кеннеди!

  23. when Putin decided to wage an unjustly war against peace loving Ukraine, he expected that Ukraine leadership is corrupt enough to send him back bribes, Gold 🪙 16 years old virgins, coffers of 💰, priceless things in purpose to win his affection and his humanity
    but President Zelensky told him no way, not today
    it's Assad and Khamenei is job to send Putin disgraceful, unpatriotic bribes

  24. Не обращайте на эти аплодисменты внимание! Это психологический трюк против России. Знайте, что в США никто правительство не любит и там народ и партия совсем вообще не едины! Игнорируйте это! Тем более когда видите мадам на сцене.

  25. I really hope the globalist warmongers in DC don't get us into WW3 complete with nuclear weapons.

  26. Жалко людей , это ужас , что там творится, но Мир будет только тогда , когда все поймут , что слава Богу а не Укроине или ещё кому-то

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