Trump’s New Picture Book, Biden Turns 79 & MyPillow Mike Spreads Conspiracies for 96 Hours Straight

An armored truck full of money spilled cash all over the highway in Carlsbad over the weekend, QAnuts are still in Dallas waiting for JFK Jr to come back from the dead and take his place alongside Trump in the White House, Joe Biden celebrated his 79th birthday making him the first President to do so while in office, today was the final day for all Federal employees to get vaccinated, Trump is promoting his new coffee table book of photographs from his time in office, MyPillow Mike Lindell will be spreading holiday cheer and conspiracy theories for 96 hours over Thanksgiving and invited Jimmy on his “Thanksathon,” and in an effort to release some holiday tension we gave people on the street a mask and a chance to anonymously address the people they are not looking forward to seeing at the dinner table on Thursday in a new edition of Hide & Speak.

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  1. It reminds me of those nutjobs who study the Bible and figure out when Christ will return. When Chriet doesn't return they reread the Bible , discover their mistake and have a new Date. You just can't fix stupid.

  2. We really should stop now at pointing out Donald Trump's kinship and affinity to lies, that's a pre-existing condition. c'mon! 🙂

  3. I used to laugh-trip every single day to each of then president Trump's genuine stunts that he mindlessly able to pull off and of course, to most of his idiotic claims–priceless! 🙂

  4. Biden was a handsome man back in the day, I am sure young Joe would make a lot of young women happy.

  5. I'm sure Trump's photographer has plenty of unflattering photos of him. I hope she publishes a book using those. I'd buy one.

  6. Trump… a penny pinching grifter to the end. He stole the book opportunity from the official White House photographer…read the full story. He is disgusting. In Australia he’d be referred to as a dead set c..t

  7. Trump tried to dress up like a turkey to get pardoned, but his burnt orange skin and crazy hair gave him away 😜

  8. Kevin McCarthy is aiming to take Nancy Pelosi's place when she's gone.
    So America…..never forget that Kevin McCarthy is a rhino and voted to impeach president-trump

  9. Maga is a bunch of nostradumbasses and that Trump piece was excellent and more hide and speak please!!!😆😜

  10. lmao mike pillow is oblivious to the punchlines on late night with jimmy kimmel. them being him🤡

  11. major publishers wont touch it, some bogus publisher called Winning Team Publishing is printing it. Its a hateful book. Maybe ill pick one up when it hits the goodwill store.

  12. you should not believe anything in Donald Trump.s new book all thats in it is just more of his Lies for he has never told the truth but the only thing that he knows the best is to Lie,

  13. I was expecting Kimberly Guilfoyle’s “D** I’ve Known & Loved,” a compilation of the pics she’s collected of ex-partners tingly parts. Rumor was Gavin & Don, Jr were competing for centerfold status.
    Stormy Daniels could be a contributing editor as she has the mold of Prez Trump’s teeny mushroom head.
    THAT would be a bonanza!

  14. Does anyone know what happened to Melania . That she has chosen to be his live in prostitute .

  15. He personally picked out the pictures like he did the lecturers in his eponymous and fake university.

  16. Notice how his signature looks like it written by exactly what he is? Incredibly scary and spooky 😱😈

  17. Can't wait until the new election for 2024. I'm going to vote for Trump because the Democratic party has clearly destroyed this country. People like Jimmy Kimmel has helped destroy it. Years of watching you I realize that you're just simply are not a funny show. Hopefully you'll get canceled soon.

  18. China is too busy colonizing Africa and building infrastructure there to worry about the US. They're doing what we should be doing, building bridges and goodwill in other nations as opposed to invading perceived enemies in a nation that has beaten back every invasion in their history. I think that you'll find out the world's opinion of China is more positive than their opinions about the USA

  19. I went to buy President Trump new book, over here of my state of California at Barnes n noble. Shockingly though, the book is sold out.

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