Trump’s Deposition on “Dangerous Fruit” & Biden’s $7 Billion Military Mistake | The Daily Show

The Taliban now possesses $7 billion of military equipment left behind by the U.S., a U.K. parliament member is under investigation after being caught watching porn in the House of Commons, and Donald Trump reveals he was afraid of getting hit with “dangerous fruit” by protesters in 2015. #DailyShow

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  1. Transporting all the equipment out of kabul is costly, and they don't need it any way. Where would they relocate it to, somalia?

  2. Clearly none of you have seen monty pythons self- defense with fresh fruit or you wouldn't be laughing

  3. Somehow I don't buy that Trump knows that tomato is a fruit and not a vegetable… so I am now convinced he doesn't even know there is a difference between the two…

  4. By the way, Trevor Noah has actually been hit with MULTIPLE fruits (or were they seeds?) during his childhood in South Africa. It's all in his 'Born a Crime' memoir.

  5. People acting as if nobody ever thought "how about we bring back the weapons?". Of course they did, it's just not worth it because it would cost way more than just buying new ones. This is not new, how do you think the Taliban all had AKs… The Soviets also left their weapons in Afghanistan.

  6. Politicians don't care, most are wealthy and don't pay taxes… Trump admitted that the reason he doesn't pay taxes is because politicians waste our money…..

  7. Best part is 7 billion dollars in Equipment left for them for us only to send 53 billion in equipment in Ukraine. Do we get those weapons back after or do we just keep leaving the same weapons we are trying to ban in America for more bad people to get their hands on?

  8. Trevor, Trevor, Trevor . . . SMH & LOL & LOL & STILL LOL ;D !!

    Thank You for the insights–and the laughs! Take care and stay well.

  9. I’m pretty sure the Soviets left their stuff behind from when they invaded Afghanistan, so why are people complaining?

  10. Sounds to me like we didn't retreat, we lost and the equipment is what we paid to be allowed to leave.

  11. Democrats screamed that they needed to get rid of trump BECAUSE HE WAS DESTROYING THE COUNTRY….but now that the nation is LITERALLY circling the drain…all of a sudden a president doesn't have that kind of power. Its not Joes fault. Nothing is joes fault, and you're a trump cultist if you say it is!!

  12. We all knew the Taliban was gonna get this stuff. Everyone at my job was complaining about it. If you ask me they did it on purpose. Why? I'm terrified to assume 😨

  13. In term of money, US has got back the money. US has seized AFGHAN PEOPLE'S MONEY, AMOUNTED USD 7,000,000,000,-

  14. Bro our government spends so much money on other countries but never takes care of us.
    As a tax payer this is trash…. We should take care of our own country first then others. Nobody ever does anything for USA when we need it. But let a hurricane or war happen somewhere else. We dropping weapons and whole crates of cash. The Tax payers deserve much better. Without taxpayers the shiny suits wouldnt be nothing💯

  15. There was another interview of a military personel saying that they have trained them for about 3 months with those equipment gave it to them and then left and they are concerned that they will be able to use it properly and handle the repair and maintenance.

  16. Trump fears dangerous fruit, but advocates Strange Fruit.
    On another note, the stuff left in Afghanistan was never scheduled to come back to the US. The only reason they bring the soldiers home is that they haven't figured out cloning yet.

  17. American left those military equipment on purpose, and here why: remember when you go the electronics store to buy something and you find this hot laptop bundled with a HP Inkjet printer? You think wow that's so cool and it's free. Then you take it home and you start printing only to found out that the cartridges were a quarter tank full and then you need to buy new ones? But then you get the surprise of your life when you learn the prices of the cartridges are actually double the price of the printer itself, but you have the buy them anyway if you want to print your urgent report. That's exactly what America did to the Taliban.

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