Trump's Austin Rally, Taylor Swift Delivers NYU Commencement Speech: This Week's News | Tonight Show

Jimmy talks about a woman in the U.K. accidentally swallowing a COVID-19 test swab and the stock market’s worst day in over two years.

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Trump’s Austin Rally, Taylor Swift Delivers NYU Commencement Speech: This Week’s News | Tonight Show



  1. Why are there so many people being forced to watch a show they hate, hosted by a host they hate, and then stay even longer to leave a comment about how much they hate it? It's a terrible tragedy. Don't they understand there's a new technology called "Other Channels," where they can actually watch shows they like?

  2. Fallon you are such an idiot lol. If only you have any idea how convenient life is in China, all joke aside. Lol

  3. Dumbass kids running thru fences 😆 omg. And bro dealing with Verizon is.. um.. yeah 😆 🤣

  4. this guy is such a hack. you can tell he does not even write his own jokes because he always starts with something like "have you heard about this?".

  5. Urgent, proof of world wide satanic conspiracy". Urgently look at a hidden message on Ste. Peter's Basilica, in Rome Italy! Encoded in the statues on the building, for telling WW3! Look at these bible scriptures as further proof, Romans1:23, Deuteronomy5:8, Romans1:25, Revelation/ Apocalypse 17, 18, 18:4,6,24;John the Baptist, Jesus…. This is information hidden in plain sight till now(Daniel12:4). War is starting to hide this. The Mark of the beast is on the shield of the Empire and on top of their buildings. 666 is on the three level crown(vicarius filii dei). Germany is now concealing historical information about WW2 and that Nazi war on Russia, which killed more of their population than almost all other nations involved combined. Both Catholic and Protestant legs of the Roman Empire. The Pope never spoke out about the atrocities, even though he had a vast network of informants. 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Search them out, and don't start a war over falsehoods! A sovereign city is under attack in Florida USA, by an American Governor, for speaking about Biblical matters. Ron Desantis says Acts2:44(communism) of the Bible must be overthrown, so the Pope can take his rightful place as 1John5:19. He talks how it is waking people up, and must stop. World, take notice, the US claims to believe in Democracy, but are attacking a sovereign state. US becoming dark. 80% of US money has been printed in the last couple years, with the stock market just better than the drop of the great depression of 1929 and still falling. NATO must be broken up, as the greatest obstacle to peace in the world. The time is quickly approaching for all nation to seize assets of non residents and take control of oppressive business holdings of NATO Countries, as enemies of you and the world. Take away their terror production ability. NATO changed the name of Ukraine's Capital from a Russian word to some thing else. 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  6. 🤣😅😆😂😆😅🤣😂😄😁 That car accident gig when the dog was eating leftovers.. I gotta share this one to my Cult Cinema friends.

  7. the whole nation being spied on thanks to trump republicans putin minnesota moles dirty cops judges they still planting doctors nurses teacher etc my name Teresa

  8. Sakha Republic, Russia is a place less visited by humans. Now, Starbucks and Nike are leaving Russia nobody will visit at all for a long time.

  9. Humans need to stop infighting long enough to topple our oppressors

    Mitch McConnell is Emperor Palpatine

    Some of you will die, but that's a sacrifice I'm willing to make! – Lord Trump
     @Justin Y.  Trump is evil. He ignored this virus until he couldn't ignore it…the steps taken have been deliberately slow to contain this virus, as the government has made huge financial gains in allowing particularly older, retired people to die…no more pay outs each month…voting, if still valid in this country…is our only peaceful,  legal recourse…voting 3rd party is the ONLY WAY to get real humans in power, rather than dynasty families and career politicians. When we realize the 2 parties we are divided over LOVE the division among us…then and only then may America be great again…

     @Justin Y.  Lack of knowledge of the deep state? I just accused our government of mass murder…I understand deep state…fact that you refuse to listen, only attack, says too much about you…clearly you haven't known hardship. Clearly none of this has impacted you negatively…you are part of the problem, offering zero solutions.

     @Justin Y.  Calling me stupid really helps your case…Trump has very limited brain power, as evidenced by his rambling, generally repetitive, toddler talks…although most of us are sorely undereducated, Trump really amazes me every time i listen to his banter. Trump did not close the borders in time, many flights to the USA brought sick folk here. Action wasn't taken until very late February, and by then 15 confirmed cases were more than enough to basically allow what amounts to airborn, quickly lethal AIDS《why this? (Because this virus mutates too fast to create an effective vaccine, which may never get made), upon the world. This is dangerous because common behaviors of common folk, such as shoulder to shoulder events, shopping and sardine packed working conditions, helped this virus along…even as people died in China daily…America went forward 2 full months wothout any concerns…then…rather than force the hands of state officials, and put the population through a 2 month quarantine,  we've been seeing states react, rather than prepare…and all at the natural stages this virus thrives on…complacency among enough of us to allow the spread to continue. You refusing to see this logic isn't a blight on my mental capacity, just proves you are as simple as our Lord Trump…and likely among those very few, who like many elites, don't even understand the plight of the masses, whom I speak for, in this contrived crisis…Trump is calm about the virus because he exists outside the bounds of common folk…Trump and other powerful people would never have to take the risk of infection seriously as they are all well protected by expendable servants or can at the least afford to continue living lavishly and distanced from peons such as myself. 9/11 was an inside job and this proves what I've feared since then…that the government can perform mass murder and the people will always just accept it, hire the next sociopath  in line, whichever of the 2 evil divisionary parties they aspire to dwell in…

    Our educational system is archaic. We could be educating everyone from home…there are no valid excuses for our current broken schooling, and no teachers need lose jobs…as the internet is an amazing communication device…

    Taxes are broken. Your dollar earned gets hit so many times…and we all just accept that blindly.

    Medicine is broken. My grandmother died because her selfish daughter needed cable tv more than grandma needed diabetes medicine…and millions suffer from the inability to afford insulin, despite that drug initially starting out as a gift to humanity from a generous genius, privatized by evil and greed, priced beyond reality for most.

    Our 2 party system is designed to keep us bickering…division keeps us docile enough to accept our own government conspiring to murder us, with our acceptance. 3rd party candidates are generally real humans…that care about other humans, even, gasp, total strangers and foreigners…

    We are all on the same damn spaceship…Earth. I judge character…not race, not whatever religion folks are born into. I am old…I am tired of seeing disaster after disaster get slow attention from government, as poor people die in thousands due to delayed or nonexistent help.

    It's about time the many take control, with votes, to dethrone the sociopaths that control us, play games with our very lives…

    When there are only voluntary homeless, when the janitor is paid living wage, when a high school graduate can earn enough in food service, or retail, to support a modest home and essentials, while creating a nest egg…when veterans are given the same care as Congress, Senate and other positions of highest power, rather than left to suffer and die, when the lowest paying jobs are enough to survive on, then and only then, can America boast of being great…

    As it stands…I feel most of us are born into lies we have no control over…It's well orchestrated, as my points are made clear in every satirical broadcast about the plight of the expendable masses, world wide…

    Do I want peace, equity and kumbaya? Yeah…I do…are there sociopaths in power oppressing the common folk…yeah…there are…have good Democrats and Republicans existed? Yes…they get blocked by evil at every turn, often resigning due to unbeatable corruption. Do I pity the very people I label simple? You bet I do…I want this planet to be a better place for most…not some…for all…if ever possible…

    This covid virus isn't done. It mutates too fast to pin it down with a vaccine…and we haven't seen the end of it because we, as a planet, would have to agree on a few ground rules to consider being a functional society.

    That's my 2 cents…some of it…take it or leave it. Most of us just exist and watch, lazily, rather than get directly involved in change. @soaringvulture  We don't seem to take note…we, the expendable masses, are being told to push through life ignoring this virus…it took ONE infection to start a Planet Wide Pandemic…and because we didn't quarantine from January 1st to February, we get to watch innocent and otherwise lives lost, daily…who are "we", in "we're in it together"? Certainly not the elite…they step on us to avoid harm…I'm furious with humanity as a whole…I'm furious we accept all this death and Trump's toddler talks…like a Ted talk without useful insight…

    Those of us suffering are many…while the privileged watch the show They created…when…when will the common folk unite against tyranny, through the only peaceful means we have…vote out career politicians and dynasty families in favor of fellow human beings, with consciousness and compassion for the lowest among us.

    We won't stop the cycle of abuse by trading Democrats and Republicans, two sides of the same evil, corrupt coin.

    Vote 3rd party…vote for real people, with flaws, that understand what struggle is…that have put time behind any of these so called essential, yet minimum wage jobs…

    This economy is screwed…always has been. The vast majority of work available is menial labor…food service, retail, janitors, grocers…a great many take their wages in government…which is far too big, complex and unsustainable…

    Until any job can offer a modest secure household, until the only homeless are those who volunteer to live "free"…until the pill giants are mandated to make life saving medicine reasonably priced…we are a selfish, horrid nation, divided by the very people that oppress us, yet too busy fighting amongst ourselves to take any useful action towards a better tomorrow for the MANY, not the FEW

  10. This may be a record…NINE WELCOMES from Jimmy to The Tonight Show! 😂 “Welcome Welcome Welcome Welcome Welcome Welcome Welcome Welcome Welcome to The Tonight Show!”

  11. It's hard to get the crap to come out of your ass after it's been coming out of your mouth for all those years!!

  12. John Fetterman is a good man and is a good choice for PA! He may not look polished, but dodo does! Is that better?

  13. Mexicans do it without the tasty tape! you Idiots! and everything stays tucked inside. "White People always cutting corners, they never want to do the work" 🤣🤣

  14. Smashing into fence looks like vandalism, and they find this cute? White kids having fun? I wonder what would they call this if the kids were Black or Brown?

  15. 😅…
    "C'mon guys I thought you liked us… Then you send him ?"
    🇺🇸 still 💘's you 🇺🇦.
    I don't know what they're thinking but I can definitely feel what you're thinking.
    Best of luck!

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