Trump's American Carnage (full documentary) | FRONTLINE

From his first days as president to his last, how Trump stoked division, violence and insurrection.

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In the wake of the Jan. 6 attack on the Capitol, FRONTLINE investigates how Donald Trump’s presidency laid the groundwork for bitter divisions, violence and ultimately insurrection. “Trump’s American Carnage” investigates Trump’s siege on his enemies, the media and even the leaders of his own party, who for years ignored the warning signs of what was to come.

The documentary is from veteran FRONTLINE filmmaker Michael Kirk, who with his team has made five installments of FRONTLINE’s election-year series The Choice and nearly 20 documentaries about the Trump and Obama eras.

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  1. X-Files
    The anti-christ called Counting Dracula (Trump) and his crew of evangelical vampires (greed) are extremely "desperate" to control a darkship called the Whitehouse. Because working in the dark to suck the joy out of life and destroy the planet is the only way that the loveless, lifeless parasites can survive and thrive.

    It's also how the hostile alien invaders keep their human capital (cattle) corralled.

    Unlike earthling human beings and creators of joy…the capitalist counting corpses that rule US can't create harmony (real intelligence) because vampires (greed) are ignorant (dead).

    Vampires (greed) who suck the joy out of life have joined the zombies who eat the futures of their children.

    Zombie Apocalypse is here and happening now.

    Question. Why are the evangelical counting corpses using the bible as a springboard to perform somersaults to do the exact opposite of "love their neighbors" and "treat others like they want to be treated"?

    Answer. This is sick. Because these simple concepts are too far out there to grasp for vampires and zombies.

  2. I hate the Left constantly making out Trump to be a violent jerk and all us people who supported him out as crazy

  3. Mother of God every SINGLE republican is FULL of SHIT!
    Worst wishes assholes.
    There should be a national holiday every time a member of the GOP dies.

  4. 45:46 – As if this were all some sort of legitimate misunderstanding or mistake. Large numbers of people not using their voice/platform to call these people out is what enabled this and why the country is where it finds itself regarding the aftermath.

  5. Meanwhile, you have the January 6th protesters quietly being released because there is actual footage of the campus police opening the barricade and letting them in. Media won't cover that because it completely SHREDS the lying narrative they tried to paint of an INSURRECTION.
    Besides, the same thing happened with the Kavanaugh hearings and nothing was ever said about it.

    The reality is the media is massively corrupt and their ratings are in the toilet for a reason. The leftist sheep that can't think for themselves (still on the plantation) are getting exactly what they deserve. Their savings and 401k's are being destroyed while they continue to worship at the altar of the political party that is getting richer while destroying them.

    The only thing Biden has accomplished is getting everyone united against him. Of course there will still be slaves damage controlling for him. Some people are just too pathetic to admit they were wrong. Some people are just slaves.

  6. LOL this video did not age well.

    Legacy cuckhold media is dying for a reason. Enjoy your $5 gasoline, record number of covid deaths, 40 year inflation highs, and mass shootings every other week.

    When do we get the Biden Carnage "documentary." Oh wait, we won't because the legacy media is as corrupt as Washington.

  7. The overreactions in here are pure insanity. Ive never seen one man get so much hate, when such little damage was done.

    Trump hurt your little feelings, and you couldnt handle it.

  8. Trump, his administration and the do nothing Republicans fuk the Country up, then cry about the Democrats as they are turning things around, after all when you get no cooperation from the other side what do you expect. Trump and the Republicans had control for four years and did absolutely nothing, keep wishing to return the Republicans and see what you get.


  10. I wasn't a Trump supporter until living under Obiden. I sure wish I would have voted Trump.

  11. Our country is going to @&$! if Donald Trump is re-elected in 2024. For causing that insurrection at the US Capitol, Donald Trump must never occupy the Oval Office, as President of the United States. I would love to see Donald Trump go to prison for the rest of his natural life.

  12. What a load of garbage. You guys at PBS should be ashamed, this was all set up by the left to get back it trump. I hope everyone watching this takes it with a grain of salt, pure Liberial lies.

  13. The narrative of this documentary is so one sided. How satisfying it is that a year and half later the left has proved Trump to be the greatest president ever.

  14. The crazy thing is that now trump and his lackeys are making it seem like it never happened, and it was done by the DNC and Antifa or whoever they want to blame.


  16. I noticed that they only play it half ass to make the government look like the victim. if they would play the full story an have ALL the facts. Not only what they seem fit to make someone look bad.

  17. You know the bias when literally both Democrats and Republicans try to use immigration as a tool to win the election literally with OBAMA he had them in cages and told ppl not to come but he is fine both Biden an Kamala doing the same thing and nothing but when trump did he was a racist I don't agree with everything he did but he did do good as far as workers and making money for America. He needed up with the fake news shit we all say it but that's what cost him the 2nd election he burned to many bridges. And to the ppl saying he was like Hitler are completely idiotic and obviously don't know how Hitler got into power or how Hitler even was

  18. Promises made, Promises kept. What more needs to be said. This main stream news shit fest is a disgrace. With what we witness today with the biden admin. proves how important Trumps' administration was, and how we need today the courage and leadership this man commands.

  19. Trump's ass kissing buddy Corey ,should be humbled ,in a back alley somewhere and not in a good way .

  20. How insane can you be to call this crazy but burning and looting 220 cities, killing nearly 50 people including a 4yr old black child…that's patriotism🙄
    "It's a movement. They're not going to stop. And they shouldn't stop"
    – cackling hyena

    It cracks me up how so many people despise and vilify police except when it's Capitol police. They're brave heroes🤣 All other police are corrupt racists and abuse their authority

  21. PBS you would not be one-sided if you stood for the principals that at one time where the driving force of Not only America, but more importantly to the Americans within a sovereign nation of proud people who had fought for it's freedom ! YOU have no wisdom of "The fear of God" for if you had your "documentary" would not be non American! your view of thy neighbor "right to believe other than you* is clearly not your beliefs as it for so long presented. You sold out to mouth that as propaganda, shame on you !!!

  22. Lol build that fuckin wall he said 💀💀💀 says the guy that has an ancestor that literally killed the native americans

  23. This is nothing more than left wing propaganda….seems like PBS is funded by the public….. rubbish

  24. 35:01 As we knew he would.
    The point wasn't just to exploit trump Or those like trump.
    It was to expose the weakness in our democracy.
    Inherent complacency with ignorance.
    And how it was intentionally misrepresented to the intellectuals As emotional trauma Caused by sudden awareness To Events and information.
    So society began treating it as if it was that.
    But then error started Occurring.
    So they sought to discover ways to detect it early on.
    Targeting children and diagnosing them with ODD oppositionally defiant disorder.
    Then they attempted to override through chemical and conditioning And override the biological instinct to survive.
    Effectively attempting to eliminate the unconscious mind.
    A development of the mind discovered to only be associated to trauma Or ADHD.
    ADHD is caused by a lack of chemicals being produced in the human brain preventing people from being able to infatuate with things or even people long term.
    This is one of those 2 dogs situation.
    The exception is is rather than one dog being bad and the other dog being good Both dogs have the same agenda the approach is just different.
    By trying to subdue the conscious mind the unconscious mind compensates With these individuals creating an irrational emotional response.
    Eventually Causing the individual to want to alienate themselves As the only Means to preserve one self.
    The only effective prevention from allowing ADHD From developing ODD symptoms As well as reversing them.
    Is to feed the conscious mind as a stress reliever facts and information.
    Things that will focus the conscious mind and allow it to rationalize the unconscious part.
    Self experimentation is one thing that can develop during this process.
    ADHD and ODD When healthy and stable tend to be the closest thing to empath you will ever get Due to their empathetic and curious nature.

  25. Sadly, politics has devolved to, not a matter of when your term is up, but when the jig is up.
    And if criminal charges fail, the parties are blatant about destroying opponents- our government at work for THEMSELVES, not us. Was and still is a dirty business.

  26. treasonous is the fraud election. never in history has one vote been allowed after election day. how trump was winning by a mile and the next morning he's behind 10 miles bullshit. this is nothing but propaganda. why you think YouTube quit showing us the dislikes because of the double and triple dislikes to likes.

  27. Without question the worst day in our nation's history, When this criminal conman scumbag, Stole the election with the help of Russia and and our corrupt and Devious and right leaning social media, The fact that the scumbag got anywhere near the White House and that literally millions support him is a Testament to the crumbling Empire that used to be America. This treasonous seditious piece of shit should be in prison along with 3/4 of his cabinet and a vast majority of the supporters they are a clear and present danger delusional Cult Members. It's a good thing hes a stable moron, But the GOP has its site set on turning the results of every election over from here on out democracy is is finished.

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