Trump Vs. McConnell | Zerlina.

Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell showed support for the January 6th Select Committee’s ongoing investigation. That’s happening as Donald Trump appears to be failing in his effort to get Republicans behind removing McConnell from Senate leadership. David Jolly joins to discuss.

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  1. Trump is a rich, White, powerful man in the United States, nothing is going to happen to him. Trump gets away with everything.

  2. You're just realizing Mitch is actually a SWAMP RAT that should be in an 8×10 in a FEDERAL PEN?

  3. You see with your eyes, and hear with your ears , and you read words that are written , there is a secret ballot that is not being read.

  4. I still think McConnell is straddling the fence. He doesn't say outright that the president was wrong. He says it was horrendous and interesting to find out what happens. I want to see the big people go to prison but that is not likely to happen. They all tried to take over the WH.

  5. The Rethugs also think that the Dems are stupid and will accept any lie that they feed them. The Dems are gullible at times, we all saw this situation as it happened. The videos spelled it all out. Now they want special consideration. I'm sick of them making fools out of the Dems.

  6. The Three Stooges have evidence they can be silly. South Park has evidence of being a cartoon. How is it that a billionaire former president of the most powerful office on Earth, with resources, lawyers and broadcast companies and a pride of churches have not produced ONE SHEET OF PAPER that proves any of his accusations in over a year?

  7. For some reason, I'm having trouble "hearing." Can someone please tell me what he meant when he mentioned including Liz Cheney and Adam Kinzinger? Thanks!

  8. Make a New Law with 30 year jail time for Anyone or any party that makes an insurrection against any election.

  9. We all saw it on tv and he will walk. DOJ is crooked and will do whatever it has to to defend itself instead of representing the American people. Merrick Garland is best friends with Mueller and Wray who are only there to uphold their institutions and not protect democracy.

  10. Does anyone else besides me feel that Donald Trump is ULTIMATELY the man who is TRULY responsible for the deaths of ALL five people who died the day of Jan. 6th
    I know that he is embarrassed….And even feeling somewhat humiliated that the 1500 or so …(let's call them ARMED Soldiers of Trump's ARMY) were all unsuccessful in their Honest blatant attempts at finding & EXECUTING THE Vice President of our country, as well as House Leader Nancy Pelosi…. The two people that he honestly wanted to see executed….. They probably got sick & tired of lying for him. The ? Of those 2 dying…….Well, you know what they say "I guess if you really want A Job done right, then you have to do it YOURSELF.

  11. Hey, Mitch McConnell isn't a libertarian, but he is an obstructionist and serves the chamber of commerce, not poor Americans.

  12. Turtle face McConnell was happy to help Trump enter office it pushes agenda through it was all about winning and having power not helping the Working Class People keep voting these clowns back in when will people of working-class stature wake up and realize you're no longer middle class it's poor vs billionaires.

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