Trump Told Adoring Fans He Got Boosted. Then They Turned On Him.

In an appearance with former Fox News host Bill O’Reilly, former President Donald Trump told his supporters that he got a Covid booster shot. Booed echoed throughout the audience. 

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  1. Trump developed the vaccine. Kamala said she wouldn't take it if Trump said to take it. Then she takes it when they steal the election. What a joke. Trump is the only true president. TRUMP won 2020. He will win again 2024.

  2. MSNBC= Enemy of the people. These people are Deep State and sick!!! Do you all remember when Deep State Kamala said she would never take a vaccine that Trump created?? Now she wants to force people to take the same vaccine. These people are so sick.

  3. The one thing Trump has always known is how ignorant his constituents are. He always told them what they wanted to hear even if he had to lie and that is sad.

  4. Don't Don't Don't, Don't worry you'll never be President against and I will never vote for you or anyone you endorse.

  5. Anyone know where I can get a poster of Donald Trump getting his 1st, 2nd and booster vaccines?
    Love to put it up at work as we have plenty of Trump lovers.
    Love show them how faithful he is to the fake movement.


    AND BOOSTER!!! THERE IS!!! OUT ! HERE!!!😳😳😳🤬🤬🤬

  7. Trump has denied reality. And embrace of death. We anti vaxxers need to spiritual regroup as trump has stabbed Jesus Christ in the heart.

  8. So does it keep you from getting really sick or really really sick .I didn't get vaccinated I got covid my wife did get vaccinated she has gotten covid 3 times

  9. Trump simply clearly hasn't read the VAERS reports (like clearly none of you have here either)… shows he must be reading the New York Times, rather than researching deeper and going to alternative media sources with doctors and scientist who present their concerns and dangers of the vaccine to the world, as well as showing injury stats… but are being silenced. I believe, like many (including here) he has only listened to Dr. Fauci and mainstream media in this regard. I truly believe he thinks he's doing what's right. He has always endorsed the vaccines from day 1 while in Presidency. I don't see anything incongruent. Dissappointing yes, that he has not looked further into it, but I don't see him any differently otherwise. And I'm not American, just what I see.

  10. That’s one of the weakest boos I’ve heard in my life. There was like 4 people for sure who disagreed but it didn’t sound like a clear boo. But definitely a sound of disagreement. But not a Boo. Lol.

    Could have been a boo, an ugghhh, an awwww, and a aww maaan all mixed up in there!

  11. Lefties need to realize that other people who aren't on the left can have disagreements with each other and not seek to "turn on them". I mean, the left are the ones intolerant to different opinions. You all just want to seek and destroy those you don't go with the agenda. Stop lumping logical-minded individuals who can have a disagreement in with your way of doing things.

  12. Pfoas and pfas in everything only fighting the scientists. Keep up the vaccines but let's devote time to informing the public to the real virus Dupont! Now corveta merger monopoly. All under trump. He's the reason the pfas bill never passed while he was in office!!

  13. You people are crazy . typical Trump derangement syndrome. A person living in the USA should never be forced to take a vaccine or do something they do not want to do. Especially when all the people flooding the border have the choice of getting it FREEDOM- And that's what he believes. If u want the vaccine get it but don't force someone else to do it . You delusional people can't handle that he can still draw a crown more than the sitting so called president hilarious.

  14. Of course Trump got the booster. He was the person who expedited, “operation warp speed, to get the vaccine out in record time. Those who chose not to get the jab, have their own personal reasons. It has nothing to do with Trump. He actually promoted the vax. The hatred for this man is one thing, however, your fellow Americans, who voted, based on his policies, don’t deserve this constant shaming and bullying, from the left. Not everyone is a racist, xenophobic and every other rediculous accusation tossed around, at folks you don’t even know. Divide and conquer is working well.

  15. I know plenty of republicans who are vaxxed and boosted. I know plenty who are not. None of them care about Trump being vaxxed. Just another narrative to divide…

  16. Booed because they were kinda sorta hoping for a “death cult” thingy and grumpy the clown don’t play that way. I say, “stay on track!”

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