1. Staged, The hat isnt blowing away but just sitting there. Its weighted, Trump did this for show. In reality he thinks they are losers and does nothing about Bounties on their head. Not to mention how Donald J Trump surrendered to the Taliban and made the deal to pull the U.S out. Trump is a Traitor to American and Western Values. Trump deserves prison.

  2. Joe would have been like oh look at that a bird a plane hey come on man. You know oh Joey baby hasn't been right in the head since my fight with corn Pop. And he a bad dude and he run with some bad boys and they used to leave the razor blades on the rain looking get rusty and I like cockroaches sitting on my lap

  3. The proper military term is "cover", not a hat. It's funny how the next video below this is showing Obama forgetting to salute. Maybe I missed something but Trump didn't salute the covered Marine before boarding the helicopter. The media should actually do a little research before reporting on something they know very little about. On the bright side, that young Marine displayed exceptional military bearing and posture.

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