Trump rally draws thousands to Sarasota

Despite heavy downpours earlier in the day, thousands of supporters of former president Donald Trump packed the Sarasota fairgrounds for what he dubbed the “Save America” rally.

For more than an hour, Trump addressed issues of immigration, foreign affairs, the economy, the 2020 election, and his past accomplishments.


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  1. We all love trump,even the liberals,and democrats regret voting for biden as approval numbers for biden are 43% last week,this week 32% approve of biden,the worst ever in history,and dhs,biden just canceled the wall construction for good, we need trump to save the uss titanic is sinking fast!!!!

  2. No evidence of voter fraud???Explain to me why democrats are pushing no IDs needed to vote and let immigrants come in here the illegal way with no papers not even a COVID shot when there pushing it the most and want to continue with mail in ballots it’s lunacy they don’t care about the poor immigrants they were supporting security up untill trump wanted a “wall” its all about farming votes to them it’s terrible dead people voting, as mentioned above no IDS, mail in ballots making Biden the most popular president in us history I’m
    Not big into politics but damn if that’s not a wiiiii bit fishy wake up and smell the popularity contest it’s not even about the issues at hand anymore it’s about slandering the enemy to them it’s god awful to watch same thing every day trump said this said that he racist to Mexican people when he clearly states there are plenty of immigrants that are worth the world they just have to come in legally…

  3. One Quote sums up Donald (the Dictator) Trump and his cult following of seditionist traitors; "GUARD AGAINST THE IMPOSTURES OF PRETENDED FREEDOM"—GEORGE WASHINGTON—.

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