Trump ‘Organized’ The Coup: Top Investigator Unloads On Trump's Culpability

As GOP Senator Mike Lee faces heightened scrutiny for his role in pushing the MAGA plot to steal the 2020 presidential election, one Jan. 6 committee member alleges Trump “organized” the coup. MSNBC’s Ari Melber is joined by former Acting U.S. Solicitor General Neal Katyal to discuss the latest developments in the probe.
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  1. Mike Lee is know Christian I See his Horn 👹 and fire coming out of his mouth 🔥🤑 there are no good Christian left here on mother earth 🌎 devil are here in the people house 👻🕵️👎👈✅

  2. As each day passes they keep exacerbating Trump's role,, nothing like 50 Democrats trying to out do each other trashing a man who is no longer the president,,,the clowns from the left need serious psychiatric help…

  3. All you dems better quickly and mercilessly push this J-6 thing as much as you can. We Americans see right through that, we are not as dumb as you arrogant people think we are. November is right around the corner!!!!

  4. "To say that Mike Pense didn't have the courage is just nonsense coming from a super Coward like Donaldi who instead of going with the crowd to the Capitol watched everything on TV with his friends and then, all the time, denied that had anything to do with the issue to not suffer the consequences and now use this hypocritical and lying language because he is nothing but a super COWARD! That simple !

  5. Trump deserves to be indicted and prosecuted….hopefully he will be convicted and sentenced to prison! Insurrection is a felony!

  6. All the executives, news anchors, reporters, and staff of NBC, ABC, CBS, definitely MSNBC, and CNN want to remind all Americans that the Biden Administration and the DNC have no control over the economic mayhem. The plummeting Stock Market on Wall Street, Nasdaq, bear market misery, the heartache for millions of hard-working citizens who have saved / invested in 401K only to see their nest egg break in half, the incredible soaring prices of groceries (all food items), the highest price of gasoline in over a century, the out of control crime in big cities like Chicago where 47 people were gunned-down and murdered over Memorial Weekend of this year. The DNC, Biden Administration, and all the aforementioned Liberal Media kicked, screamed, even cried on live tv demanding new restrictions / bans on certain firearms yet no one…no reporting whatsoever on the innocent 47 American people gunned-down in Chicago. Big Media (News Anchors) understand that there is little political value reporting on deaths in Chicago. Chicago is DNC!!!! So, highlighting / reporting on the poor inner city Americans of Chicago who unfortunately die by criminals using firearm (on a regular basis!) holds no value to the LEFT. The STRATEGY is to only report on particular victims of gun violence. Certain demographics are required. You see, the DNC and DNC-owned Media are not concerned with new limitations, new laws, or bans on firearms when the victims are poor inner city Chicagoans. Hence, their "moral outrage" and high-browed principled stance on how firearms represent the scourge of Society is simply an act! An act designed with one purpose….benefit themselves (LEFT) and furthering Democratic Party success. Ultimate hypocrisy. It is truly embarrassing and sad to witness.

  7. No way ! You can’t stage a insurrection if the national guardsmen are there to stop it and we know who rejected the guardsmen despite prior knowledge there would likely be trouble.

  8. Trump supporters🇷🇺🐖 urinated and defecated in our Capitol Building‼️ What more do you need to know⁉️

  9. Mfers tried to do an end around Democracy play. There's every proof yet to be presented that certain players actively plotted to override the will of us voters and to simply occupy the White House

  10. He is a lier should not be in goverment talks out both sides of his mouth don't need to his man.

  11. Whatever the far right is in fear of is futuristic, to place a Lunatic like Trump in the presidential office is detrimental to the Country, themselves and their children, yet they are worried about them learning factual History, what a strange bunch of people.

  12. Have trump charged.For transparency a public televised trial,watch him perjure lie,take the 5th , and ohh i cant remember! and disgrace himself in front of his gullable cult . ( who think lance armstrong the first person to walk on the sun)

  13. What happens when a committee has “ real “ evidence is that they take to the doj not channel 7 . It’s all bull.

  14. The Repugnant Party is a two headed Cobra. They are the Pariah of American politics populated by the morons of the country.

  15. The phatic undeniable truth that is the "ORANGE LOUD MOUTH" will forever remind biggest political blunder in our democracy – be ever so proud 🔥 AMERICA!!!

  16. Trump and the GOP are all corrupt criminals and they are putting party and power before the USA…..

  17. Trump is two lazy to do his own theft. And to lazy to relize that he can't get away with the deed

  18. Steal the it's taking the country and keeping it.. Yeh lose then. Refuse to leave..bullying democracy with the treat of war.. and judging the the Republican support for can see why their balls are so big ! Where are those union soldiers when you need them !

  19. WOW Mike Lee knows he's going to jail for treason and trying to overthrow our government BUMMER 🤣

  20. I knew it from the
    beginning that Trump will Create Trouble because he's been Dishonest .
    Don't Delay , Trump Must be Locked Up. Even in Prison he will be Inciting A Coup / Plot with his Family & Criminal Partners.. Investigate Melania as well she's Definitely involved in some way… Corrupted Trump Definitely Corrupted Family Too… The wife is Not Innocent.. look at her Eyes & Facial expression.

  21. And let’s not forget that when a coup or attempted coup takes place it has a tendency to tank your currency. I bet if we arrested all who should be arrested and removed those that the Constitution says shall be removed the value of the dollar would go up and inflation would go way down.

  22. It's not Donald Trump's fault. It's Mike Lee's responsibility and that of all the politicians and donors who follow after this fool Trump. These republicans like to say they believe in God. Here's a question for the God-fearing, who is the bigger fool, the fool himself or the one that listens to him?
    Proverbs 26:4 KJV: Answer not a fool according to his folly, lest thou also be like unto him.

  23. I still don't believe Trump is smart enough to have organized any coup. So, that means someone else did, and he went along with it. I wonder who that other someone might have been.

  24. Mike Lee is a criminal and an enemy of the American people. So is Dumbell Donald Trump, the greatest criminal ever known. Trump is going to prison…not the WH. The Trumpies are going extinct. Nothing false and inauthentic survives Reality.

  25. If Trump would have tried the insurrection act and tried the actual take over,war would have happend.we need to hold them responsible

  26. the choice is clear for voters.
    if you want a democracy in the future, if you want tighter gun controls and if you want access to safe and legal abortions there's only one way to vote in future elections.
    here in Australia we've recently smashed the lying corrupt fascist hypocrite conservatives. they're well on the path to extinction..

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