1. December 7, 1941 a date which will live in infamy the United States of America was suddenly and deliberately attacked by naval and air forces of the Empire of Japan.

    January 6, 2021 a date that will live in infamy because our nation's capitol was attacked by white supremist called to Washington by dictator Donald Trump telling his supporters that the election was stolen. The big lie still lives on today while several of those who rioted at the capitol have been sentenced to jail or prison. It WAS NOT an innocent protest that day. Many shouted out "Hang Mike Pence." Many attacked police officers. They caused severe damage inside.

    The January 6th Committee is investigating this day, but many who have been called to answer questions either refuse or plead the 5th. Only criminals do such a thing called upon to do so by the dictator Trump. He's still fighting against anyone trying to get his records on that day and his income tax records. Why? Because that is what mob bosses and criminals do.

    Those who support Trump support a coup in America. They support white supremacy. They support NO gun controls as most Republicans do. They support division and attacks on people who don't see things as Trump does. Our democracy is in deep danger because of hatred coming from Trump and most of the Republican Party. That party is red alright. The red of Russia. Don't let America be over taken by thugs who want a civil war like Trump. He has no respect for the military at all.

  2. So that should teach Milley a lesson not to go to Trumps house to get humiliated. Trump is a nothing nobody. He is not worthy of even being called XPresident. He should be wiped out of the USA's Presidential list. JUST LIKE THEY DID MOSES!!!!!

  3. During a pandemic people quit their jobs and want to make other people responsible for their decisions. Now all you have to do to keep working is get vaccinated. People still want to complain while those people, who they want to make responsible, are trying to keep them alive. Still want to complain. Those people that have been complaining that were for Trump are now against him because he got vaccinated. The ironic irony!!!

  4. Well, leaving all those weapons for the Taliban to grab is beyond moronic, so Trump isn't wrong. I'm sure the Taliban are happy now, after all, they're now stronger than some NATO states.

  5. CNN, could you please do some reporting about disturbing cases of sexual harrasment, hiding evidence and child abuse commited by employees by one of the biggest and most truthfull news stations in USA? Should be easy to find your sources, just interview your colleagues .

  6. Where did Trump lie? They did leave behind millons of dollars of military gear/planes and even u.s. citizens…but Trump is crazy? Ok…CNN fake news

  7. Politics aside, it is idiotic to leave all that military equipment there for a terrorist group. what's true is true.

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