Trump Loyalists Ignore Damning Testimony From Capitol Police

Responding to the first hearing from the Jan. 6 Select Committee on FOX News, both Jim Jordan and Elise Stefanik completely ignored the emotional and damning testimony given by officers who faced off against the pro-Trump mob. Jacqueline Alemany reacts.
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  1. so how about the FBI finding that the capitol riot wasnt planned. Time to investigate BLM riots that were planned


  3. Subpoena Gym Jordan, Mo Brooks & Kevin McCarthy … as Well as Many of the Others that Are as Responsible for Jan. 6th as the Insurrectionists Are

  4. Gym Jordan ignoring this almost as much as he ignored sexual abuse going on in the Ohio state wrestling program

  5. Why weren’t these officers asked to give their Personal opinions on what they Thought of The BLM Antifa Attacks on Law enforced throughout the Summer and Fall of 2020.
    They weren’t because Jim and his Side kick were not let on the Committee for Fear of these questions.

  6. Typical of the Republicans points the finger somewhere else. They need to learn to just be quite if they don’t have anything positive to say.

  7. The January 6, will always be remembered as an attempted coup by Don the Con and the Trash following him. And that is why Don the Con and accomplices are engaged in rewriting history, cover up of criminal conduct, and objecting to any bipartisan investigation.

  8. Democrats ignored the cries of cops during the Summer Riots. A lot more people died during those…

  9. Who made the big lie title?
    I know nobody that's a Trump supporter, that didn't condemn the actions of some nut wackos.
    Now there are millions if liberals, that " don't condemn last summers outrageous destruction and rioting.

  10. P told them to stand down anyone with a brain to research would know this is why she is fighting so hard due to fbi involvement ! Wake Up

  11. The pee tapes were damning testimony. What happened to those? Democrats are easily fooled by crocodile tears.

  12. Watch what they do, not what they said. This is the reality of the Trumpise GOP loyalist! Just to staying in power.

  13. Have these Republicans lost all touch with reality? Right wing violence has been a problem for decades.

  14. It's going to be hilarious when the irreversibly brainwashed TDS lefties are once again disappointed that Donnie slipped through their fingers…. AGAIN

  15. The propagandists claiming the republicans are propagating. Very ironic. Is this a commission or a broadway show? We all know the answer to that. Stefanik is correct, let's have a commission that investigates ALL political violence. That can't happen because it exposes the dems. They think common sense is propaganda.

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