Trump lashes out at Fox News after report on Arizona's recount

Former President Donald Trump lashed out at Fox News in a written statement after the network reported that an Associate Press investigation found only 182 potentially fraudulent ballots out of 3 million votes cast in Arizona during the 2020 presidential election. Former Fox News political editor Chris Stirewalt shares what has surprised him the most about the reaction from Republicans and Trump supporters that Fox News called Arizona for President Joe Biden.
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  1. Bruh, we talked about the imaginary Russian collusion for how many years? For real, we're still talking about it even though we had a three year investigation and found nothing. And you are complaining because we have investigated your election fraud for less than a fourth of the time?

  2. Trump is a desperate liar. Now that he's no longer President he has no pardoning power, no power to put into place people who would protect him. Karma coming for the con-man. Now that the Trump organization is under investigation he will get what he deserves. He being the draft-dodging coward betrayed our allies on the premise they didn't pay their share. His ignorance wouldn't understand if Russian tanks rolled into western Europe our allies would pay in blood. Yet he didn't pay his fair share of taxes. His bootlickers stand by Trump because they too didn't pay their share!

  3. We Arizonans votes were counted and counted correctly. Even some long term republicans voted for Biden!!! Yes, we Arizonans turned Arizona blue!!!

  4. Actually got a laugh at petulant orange man's pity party. He just keeps losing no matter how much he tries to cheat the system.

  5. Can someone tell me why we need to care about this he's not are president anymore, what exactly is Biben doing with this country rn…….nothing

  6. 182 cases in the entire election in arizona? 182 cases. That doesn't mean 1 vote, that means there where 182 cases where there may have been voter fraud singular and non singular alike. So a massive cyber attack, would only account for ONE of those "instances".
    It's mathematically impossible for that many one sided votes to have happened in a state like Arizona.
    (because if you lived in Arizona you'd know)

  7. I'll say it again: Have you noticed how Trump and the trumpies have all gone the Tonya Harding route?

  8. Haha… are you all listening to the audit findings?! You all should be ashamed of yourselves providing false and straight up BS information to your sheep that can't research for themselves. Smh

  9. Department of justice; FBI and House overseeing committee must investigate GOP backed election audit. Inexperienced private company based in Florida made audit long time in Arizona. All relevant authority must investigate their donors source to pay for audit. These auditors couldn't find bamboo on paper but they may fucking try to plant bamboo shoots on the paper.
    3 things must be investigated.
    1. Arizona senate president involved in audit. Now after audit. Voting machines will not work properly. It may auditors to do something on machines. Now election county Board decides to buy new machines to replace. It costs millions dollars of taxpayers. Why crazy senate president in Arizona didn't pay for the cost?. Please investigate the senate president.
    2. Investigate their money to pay for audit. It may come from money laundry or dark money
    3. Please kindly find evidence. The auditors may try to plant bamboo shoots on paper while they couldn't find any bamboo on paper.
    When I heard Trump said he can defeat George Washington or Abraham Lincoln if both of them raised from dead to run president in 2020. Trump always makes bullshits for everything. He has a lot of Egos in his life. He lied most of the things in his life. He cares of only himself. He made more than 500 people facing jail time on January 6. He is happy to do like that till now.
    Who can make America great again with big lie?
    I am done with Trump

  10. It's interesting to me that Trump keeps harping on election fraud and how it was stolen from him, as well as his many still supporters BUT, fact is, you do NOT hear Biden on recorded calls to election officials and demand to "find him votes" and go as far to give an exact amount that would overturn the state…

    And that folks is the REAL AND ONLY election fraud that went on.

    This is nothing more than a blow to Trump's ego and he's gotten away with now undermining our whole democracy.

    It doesn't matter what derogatory proof there is about Trump…it's always swept under the rug.

    Top of the line medical industry, a wealthy country and YET, at the end of 2020 we had the highest global Covid death…while he sat back and lied, left us unprepared, and even mocked this virus….and all his supporters cared nothing about that.

    I especially love how Trump told his supporters to walk down Pennsylvania to the Capitol and yet HE stayed behind….like the big mouth, mini nutsack coward he really is….just another example how he passes off his dirty work to others while he keeps his hands clean.

    He's going golfing while those he sent are going to jail. Pfft.

  11. I think that even if you lined up each American voter in 2 different lines, Trump and his supporters would still not believe that he lost even though his line would be obviously shorter!🙄

  12. The associated press does audit's? Lol That's not true. Cyber Ninjas is doing the Arizona audit. And the results aren't out yet.
    Fake news.
    (This comment will be censored.
    And the person doing the censoring will be held responsible. )

  13. They found 182 seperate incidents of fraud but it must be IMPOSSIBLE that an additional 10,800 more ballots were illegally cast that havnt come to light yet. Yea right

  14. 70% of the UK is vaccinated, yet they have the highest infection rate in the world today. They're lying to you

  15. Oh gee , government investigating itself and finding "no problem here" … laughable ! Not to mention those numbers given were completely FALSE = do your own research = Epoch Times does unbiased reporting > CNN is a joke !!

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