Trump forgets name of Taliban leader, calls him Mohammed, impersonates him with grunts

Former president Donald Trump returned to the stage on Saturday night with a speech packed with well-trodden claims of election fraud and attacks on Democrats and Republicans alike.

In addition to President Biden, Hillary Clinton and Mike Pence, however, Mr Trump also made special mention of the leader of the Taliban.

“Let’s call him Mohammed”, said the 75-year-old while recounting an alleged conversation between himself and the Taliban leader Hibatullah Akhundzada, indicating he had forgotten his name.

Mr Trump went on to impersonate Akhundzada with a series of grunts rather than words, describing him as a “rough guy”.

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  1. Lefty panties on fire over President Trump saying Taliban grunts. Raysiss!!!!! Not a word from lefties one of their geniuses wears a monkey mask, at least she had a mask, and threw an egg at Larry Elder. She missed. She threw like a girl.

  2. Stupid post. His replacement is getting folks killed and arming terrorist armies, and these folks are blabbering about Trump calling some terrorist by the wrong name??

  3. He forgot to mention the heroin epidemic in America that comes from Afghanistan that started after we went there in the first place. He forgot to mention that there are unclassified documents that prove that the Taliban is See-👁-A. He forgot to mention that his Rothschild overlords are laundering billions every year in the heroin industry through Wall Street crimes against American tax payers. He forgot to mention the dicovery of a vane of lithium worth hundreds of trillions discovered in Afghanistan. He forgot to mention that the "Taliban" is completely armed with U.S. weaponry funneled through Saudi Arabia after he sold them $350 billion in arms after he accused Saudi Arabia of doing 9/11. He forgot to mention that we, the first responders of 9/11 along with 3000 architects and engineers petitioned him and his attorney General for a Federal Grand Jury in 2019 that fully exposes 9/11 and after three years he is still silent.. Trump and Biden are two of the most treasonous Presidents in U.S. history and this is the dumbest shit i have heard any President in history say. You people are being played like a fiddle by Hillary Clintons blood kin.

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