Trump encourages people to get Covid vaccine but 'believes in their freedoms'

Donald Trump used a speech on Saturday night to encourage people to get vaccinated against Covid-19.

The former president told supporters in Arizona “How about the vaccine? I came up the with vaccine”, appearing to take credit for the scientific development of the jab.

“They said it would take three to five years, [it’s] going to save the world” he continued.

“I recommend you take it” he told the crowd, before hedging his encouragement, “but I believe in your freedoms 100 per cent”.

Mr Trump’s caution to be outright pro-vaccine comes after a wave of skepticism among his political base.

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  1. Trump even recommends the vaccine, but ya got your freedoms to be dumb af and keep this pandemic mutating…. ya got ya freedoms 🤘😂🤘

  2. Actually at the Health Department we contact all of the sex partners of those diagnosed with Gonorrhea , Hepatitis, Chlamydia..all serious communicable diseases ( not just STDs). It’s mandated reporting by law for your doc to call and let the county health department know when someone has one of those mandated reportable Diseases. Then the Health department calls those folks and asks them for the names of all their sex partners. Then we call those people and tell them they have been exposed to gonorrhea etc., and that they need medicine and we will be calling their partners if they don’t. Then we work the circle out. Most people with a brain cell are very relieved to be told that they have been exposed to something so they can go in and get their penicillin before they have to start wrapping their dicks in a kitchen towel because so much puss is pouring out of it. It’s called the science of Pubic Health……it’s been around for 100s of years. It’s nothing new. Mandated reporting of serious or deadly communicable diseases is a practice to keep you safe. That’s why today we don’t worry about the scenario of our children being healthy one day, sick the next, and dead the next. it’s just Public Health: Not a new idea. Viruses and bacteria don’t give a crap about your politics. The longer we screw around acting like idiots, the stronger the virus gets. Just wait for the small silent mutation that makes Covid deadly to our children. Then we can talk freedom, coercion and consent as you watch the children gasp for breath. When did American’s get so Stupid and Cruel.

  3. I like trump I wont him back in the white house, but no sorry vaccine he wrong there . It should be up to you either have it or not . And freedom rules all the truth is coming out slowly. Jail time for biden , Obama Nancy, fauci

  4. All the healthy people have now got fabulous natural T-cell immunity that will last them 20 years, All the unhealthy people have dodgy vaccine jab immunity that will last them 20 seconds. Ban the vaccine.

  5. I thought the vaccine was formulated by a team of scientists, my bad for thinking that, wow, is there nothing this guy can't do.

  6. What a moron ex president the most stupid guy America ever had who said that to use disinfectant to cure the COVID 19 😱😱

  7. He's got the invisible concertina out again.. He like to play it when he's lying… Its never out of his hands..

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