Trump Christmas Is A Complete Joke

Donald Trump continues to peddle ‘The War On Christmas’ and it’s a total joke. John Iadarola and Brett Erlich break it down on The Damage Report.

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“Former president Donald Trump claims first lady Melania Trump’s Christmas displays at the White House got “great reviews.”

Trump made the statement in an interview with Mike Huckabee for a Christmas special from Mar-a-Lago that aired Thursday night on Newsmax TV.

Huckabee asked Trump, “How does the Trump family celebrate Christmas?””

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  1. Red trees two years ago…Vlad the Impaler style. Unbelievable. As for his assertion that "everyone loves Christmas"…uh, no, they don't. I don't celebrate the holiday. For those who do, great. Respect. Live it up. But don't assert that if you're Jewish or Muslim or something other than Christian that "everyone loves Christmas" when they clearly don't or don't celebrate any aspect of it. If someone said "Everyone loves Hannukah" or "Everyone loves Ramadan" you'd get an outcry of butthurt and sharp recriminations. But it's okay for an orange-faced buffoon-baboon to spew his views.

    Friggin' unbelievable.

  2. You are Bar Mitzvah at 13 years of age. No party is necessary. That makes you an adult in the religious sense.You can say prays that adults say. But this guy is nuts. Christianity incorporates many other pagan symbols. but if you are muslim or jewish you are probably not following any of the christian customs. YOu can't be a little bit pregnant.

  3. Cooperate greedy America took the real meaning out of Christmas, like opening retail stores in the evening of Christmas, breaking family time out. I remember if you refused they would let you go. Like Merry Christmas my way.

  4. President Trump has this like all Christian people . May God bless him and his family on this holy season

  5. You all grin and show sparkly pictures – so why do you call it 'The Holidays?' (as in the Coca Cola train advert). In England it's simply Christmas and I always assumed the 'holidays' thing was because you were such a multi-cultural country?

  6. That f.u. their 22 holidays,that why i say merry Christmas and happy holidays.we tell are kids that christ had so many gift that he share his gift but the 3 king came on January 6 because they were ar FALLOWING the star on camel and that why they arive 10 after and the kid clean their shoes for 3 kings day.but he SPOIL are holiday.

  7. Do u actually want Trump to get away with raping a woman in a dress shop before he ran for President? Could actually be for that type of thing? Or should any President include that in their Resume? Before running for President or Congress or the house? Marriot what do u think? Are u sure Trump should be protected for this kind of shit? Is our present AG up to to

  8. What does Christmas really mean to a family who has everything at their disposal 24/7/365? They swim in excess. Such a shame money doesn't afford them any sense of charity, culture, genuine human interaction, sense nor basic intelligence. Without their money, these motherf***ers are useless.

  9. Claiming that liberals are trying to destroy Christmas is just a false rant by conservative in lieu of actual critisims. I'm a senior whose an Atheist, as was my father and we always celebrated Christmas, just not the torture and death of Christ.I'd think Christians would instead celebrate Christ's life.

  10. He's the kind of 'grand-dad' that'd tell his 16 year old granddaughter she needs a boob job for Christmas.
    He doesn't spend Christmas with his family…he doesn't love, or even LIKE his family…anyone who knows them well has said that.

  11. Melania didn't get any credit because she hated doing it. Remember the tape with Stephanie Winston Wollcott, "I don't want to do the fucking trees."

  12. Americans like Christmas decorations. I don't say Merry Christmas to Americans who don't celebrate the day. He's just lies.

  13. Getting reviews for Christmas? What a joke that is….. EVERYTHING is about popularity and ratings for Trump!

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