Trump-Backed Candidate Loses TX House Race In Test Of His Power Over GOP

The Washington Post’s Dave Weigel discusses why former President Trump’s strategy in the special election in Texas’ 6th district failed after the candidate he endorsed lost. 
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  1. I mean who gets impeached two times during their first term? And who do most Americans 🇺🇸 decide by voting is definitely not worthy of a second term?
    Trump is by far the worst President to ever sit in the Oval Office. He has stained the integrity of that office and badly damaged our 🇺🇸 country.
    It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure out that a Trump endorsement is akin to the “Kiss of Death” Everything that lunatic touches unravels and heads south including his relationships with anyone in politics.

  2. Two good republican candidates running against one another. The Republicans and Independents would be somewhat split and the Democrats would Automatically vote for the non-Trump endorsed candidate, tipping him into the victory. You are all completely dumb if you didn't predict this outcome after the primary results. It was a completely WIN WIN situation for the Republicans. All you stating this was a Trump loss need to get your heads out of your…

  3. Yesssss they are tired of Trump people need help there families need help Jobs, Health, Education that is Republicians Democratics and Independents problem Democratics will help get these people out of these trouble times we are in this together and Trump's and others who back do not have the American People's back they are for themselves not the average American VOTE those Republicians out so we can help all Americans Republicians Democratics and Independents NOW immediately

  4. We must eliminate the vast majority of repub candidates or go to communism. The choice is just that simple! The gop is still the ENEMY of the American people!

  5. Trump re-elected legally president of the United States until 2025🇺🇸👍Trump is the people's president 🇺🇸👍accept it🤣

  6. Cnn and Msnbc is now considered to be the most hated, dishonest news media outlets in the United States. They work for the elite that want to divide our country so they can enrich themselves. People like pelosi and the biden political thugs are destroying our country. Wake up people. They are using this virus as a political weapon .

  7. Since when did Trump endorsements do well? This is not a story, so apparently your looking for excuses to talk about Trump. You are in the Weeds – literally!

  8. Reserve your copies now.
    Trump’s new book will be out soon.
    ‘From Riches to Rags’ is expected to go on sale in early September.
    The children's edition will be a coloring book complete with a pack of orange crayons 🖍.

  9. "The President himself. Oh $#@ the former President". Tell "the lie" till it is believed, socialism/Marxism.

  10. Dave Wegl Hitler-moustache silhouette

    ◾️ I tried so hard to keep a straight face.Honestly I tried! 😂😁😂…

  11. Here's what's not being said, anyone that lived in the jurisdiction of Texas Congressional District 6 (Tarrant, Ellis and Navarro Counties) were eligible to vote. So a lot of Dems and Independent voters in the district probably voted. And since Texas is goofing around with election rules, I don't care if it's for County Chitlin' Picker, if there's an election, I'm voting!!!

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