Trump Appears 'Deeply Unnerved' By January 6 Investigation: Report

‘Donald Trump is increasingly agitated by the House select committee investigating the Capitol attack,’ according to new reporting from Hugo Lowell in the Guardian.

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Trump Appears ‘Deeply Unnerved’ By January 6 Investigation: Report


  1. Voter Fraud Did Not Happen

    The gig on voter fraud is up. The people involved in the organizing, planning, financing as well as those that actively toke a part in the days events are admitting their guilt & telling all they know. Proud Boys member Matthew Greene, 34, of Syracuse, New York, admitted he was guilty of conspiracy as well as all the other charges brought against him. This whole voter fraud idea was cooked up so Trump could stay in power regardless of the fact he lost the election.

  2. His fans want to know why he is being investigated so heavily: he is hoping to win in 2024. He is a lying bully who incites rage and mocks world leaders. We HAVE to be sure the cannon is no longer loose. He cannot be elected again. He has to be locked up. VERY ironic since he demanded his competitor be. America gave him a chance. He failed her.

  3. It's true that that have prosecuted several people, but are going after the ones that started the whole thing mean the ones that put everything toghter like the ones that planned,ocustaitreated the whole thing not just the foot solders.

  4. The man child has never been held accountable in his entire life. Why would he ever things would change at this late stage of his life. Every time he got into trouble, daddy and then he would buy his way out of it.

  5. Breaking news: supreme court rules 8 to 1 against Trump. No executive privilege. All documents released to January 6 committee. A serving of reality for America and the rest of the world.

  6. He's so proud of his plan he doesn't realize he's admitting to a conspiracy to commit sedition involving "a hundred people"..

  7. Can’t wait until they find nothing on Trump, again. Just like the phony Russia collusion, the phony impeachment, and the second phony impeachment. This is democrats throwing a temper tantrum on our dime because they’re scared of what happened on the 6th. Nothing more. If they really cared one tiny little bit about ‘riots and insurrection’ they’d be investigating who burned down our cities for a year straight, kicked police out, and declared themselves their own country displacing thousands of families and costing them billions of dollars in damages. But that didn’t involve their personal space or safety so they don’t care. Funny how that works. I’m not a democrat or a republican, just a free thinking American watching the sh*t show unfold.

  8. Look how afraid our elected representatives were at the slightest amount of citizens' bravery in the face of their fraud and corruption. Imagine if every patriot stood up to the traitors!

  9. All the Dems have is anti-Trump fear mongering and rhetoric. The current admin is a disaster so let’s keep focusing on the divisive figure of Trump with the assistance of our propaganda wing, the MSM.

  10. After 6 yrs, the CIA,FBI,DOJ, state AG and the IRS investigating, using false evidence to look and listen to his private conversations and they’ve got nothing.
    Do you people really believe the most inept congress America has ever had are going to find something all these others haven’t?
    Come on people haven’t you been lied to enough?

  11. MSNBC. Trump is my President. Pedo joe Ukraine China Romania turkey Latvia Cyprus Ho couldn’t get 30 people on a podcast. There is no there, there. Democrats cheated at every level. Dominion fraud machines

  12. Most of us are not deeply disturbed. It was a peaceful event. Compared to the violence we all witnessed in Portland, Seattle, and many other major cities in 2020, January 6th was nothing. As far as I’ve heard and seen none of the people that entered the capital were armed. No weapons seen or found. Not even a pocket knife. Yet the left and it’s media whores continue the narrative that they were violent. Therefore, reason dictates that this is all BS!

  13. “The Liar”… (45th) lies about the lying .. Lying to the WEAK minded is very dangerous… Charles Manson lied. Donald Trump lied ., to get others to do his treasonous seditious activity

  14. Omg your neighbors are conspiring to over throw the government. We must accept the conspiracy against us before its to late.
    Look our your subdivision windows on Friday night and spy as your neighbors sneak in police threw their backdoor to meet on how they are going to undermine you this week. Muhahaha

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