Trump ally Tom Barrack released on $250 million bond

Tom Barrack, who once ran former President Trump’s inaugural committee, is out of jail on $250 million bond after he was accused of illegally lobbying on behalf of the United Arab Emirates.

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  1. TRUMP = 2021 ??
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    As the footsteps of life race by?
    Never hold back your acts of love
    And compassion before you die.

    No one is born to make others suffer
    It’s something we learn along the way.
    Only by grace, prayer and repentance
    Can we overcome man’s mockery at play.

    All through history we’re born to struggle
    Enduring war, hate nature and disease.
    Since our first we have remained the same
    Serving goodness or evil as we please!

    Our world has always had its times of trial
    To teach who to follow, fight or forgive.
    The better we answer the needs of others
    The better we sleep, love, learn and live!

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  2. Conspiracy? Search these words any one of them. We dare you.
    911 "terrorist attack" was an act of revenge perpetrated by the, UAE?
    BCCI Investigation, September 11 1991
    The U.S. House Banking committee shut down the ("Islamic Bank") BCCI, a bank related to First American Bank.
    Tom Barrack, ask him about that?

  3. Illegally lobbying, what does that even mean. Lobbying is a nasty business, but it is what politics is 100% about. The President pretending to care about the economy is the joke.

  4. Wish they'd go after actual criminals instead of the people who are associated with President Trump! Maybe go after BLM and antifa for all the ugliness they caused in 2020 but they won't because they're democrats!

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