Trump ally arrested and charged with illegal foreign lobbying

Tom Barrack, a former adviser to former President Donald Trump, was charged with illegal foreign lobbying on behalf of the United Arab Emirates for what federal prosecutors described as an effort to influence the foreign policy positions of both the 2016 Trump presidential campaign and the subsequent incoming administration.

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  1. You guys are always picking on Trump.
    In turn, after you die, you will be 'picked on' by demons forever. And forever you will be in torment with no escape.
    My friend, please pull back from your foolish position. Pull back from your approaching hell/.
    Plead with Jesus to save you. He loves you no matter how corrupt you have been and still are.
    And I love you too, and always will .
    Please, for your sake, accept Jesus's love for you. He died on the cross as a symbol of His everlasting love for you.
    Let me meet you in heaven after we meet with our natural deaths.
    We shall meet together and be good friends and laugh together 'up there' 😉

  2. “Was it the Left who attacked the capital”

    Which year? 2020 or 2016?

    Like the Socialist Democrat Party says “There is ‘good fascism’ ie ALL and ONLY ‘white-people’ are RACISTS and ‘bad racism’ ie the very reason the party was formed… to protect the belief that “people can be property”

    Now there are “bad protests” (against the Soviet Democrat Party) and “good protests” ie FOR THE COMPLETE SOCIALIST TAKE OVER OF THE COUNTRY and – since the later do not believe in Individual Rights from property to LIFE – looting, arson, assaults… murder are all just part of their idea of “protesting”

  3. According to the emails cited in the indictment Barrack not only lobbied for the UAE in secret, he specifically asked for instructions from them, sent back proof of his actions taken on behalf of implementing those instructions and double checked with his UAE contacts that they reviewed and approved of those actions. Trump came through for Barrack and Barrack came through for Trump.

    But where did that big donation for the inaugural come from? Only the UAE?

    Right from the gitgo Trump was wetting his beak. He started to monetize his position as President right away.

    Next: 1) Follow the money. 2) Investigate Jared's so called peace plan with the UAE. 3) Investigate Trump Administration actions praising the UAE both before and after the 2016 election. 4) Look into US actions (Trump and friends) regarding the war against Outar and the hefty price Qutar had to pay to save Kushner's family wealth from collapsing due to the big balloon payment due on 666 Fifth Avenue. Who was involved in the war threat that forced Outar to bail out Jared?

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  6. Alas America you became as a laughing-stock of even the tiniest and the weakest country during Trump era! UAE can't protect its butt from its enemies but it can control the head of America!

  7. Kinda funny how the Democrats break laws out in the open and no one is held accountable. It’s to the point that I don’t believe a word that comes out of their mouths. This administration needs to be removed as soon as yesterday. Oh by the way CNN SUCKS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  8. C'mon
    Can't people see how a deranged professional backstabbing liar TRUMP is
    Funny how he repeats himself
    " and he's a great guy, he's a great guy" next week he doesn't know him.

  9. When Trump put his foot in THE WHITE HOUSE … AMERICA BECOME CHAOS WITH CORRUPTION AND LIES AT ITS CORE….. TRUMP CON MAN GREEDY AND HUNDRY FOR MONEY …with Trump its never about America citizen….

  10. I got the first notice I open the mail after I found out that they did not allow my donation to go through the mail correctly I did donate $5 what I don't understand is they received money but didn't allow you to receive my mail letter back from my understanding from your letter I received in return for not receiving anything back from me?..

  11. This is bullshit just like all the others. How can you believe anything the FBI says right now after RussiaGate and all the other failed Trump attacks perpetrated by Pelosi and Clinton. It's sickening.

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