TRAIN WRECK: Trump Advisers Attack Each Other on The View

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–The View segment goes off the rails as former Trump staffers Kellyanne Conway and Alyssa Farah Griffin get into multiple arguments

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Broadcast on May 25, 2022

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  1. These treasonous individuals are going on a PR campaign for attention to counter the jan 6 hearings. Hope to see them all get charged with their crimes asap.

  2. I say.. Let the fur fly!! When they can't agree on which lies they're supporting today, it's glorious to watch.

  3. this is what happens when the rats leave the ship too late to get immunity deals for cooperating. i bet she is really panicking now.

  4. Hahaha..NOT A TRAIN WRECK 🚆 A parachute "JUMP" One Jetison away from Trump, The other goes down with the ship BLAMING THE PIOLET of the Plane MEADOWS While the other blamed the guy that Hired the piolet.

  5. Kellyanne “Caboose” Conway pretending she’s not part of any train wreck. Funny.

  6. Trump was a terrible POTUS with a terrible administration so who expected greatness from that bunch of hired and fired crews. Only General Kelly belong in that whitehouse.

  7. A lot of tippy toe side step there, like cats do when they feel threatened…..but she never answered the question. She can still deny, deflect, conflate, confuse, misdirect, and cry victim with the best.
    Take that into consideration with what she said about Trump BEFORE joining him….no one should be surprised.

  8. It’s absolutely insane how republicans hated the trump train. Then jumped on it when he was winning. Now That he’s a loser again they hate him. They’re all opportunists 😂

  9. Just imagine her husband George that has to live with her. That thinks Trump is a lunatic. Imagine their conversations.

  10. One of Kellyanne's kids asking if they can go to the school dance.

    Kellyanne: did you see that the sky is blue? I think that is a good color carpet. I'm the best mom. We are having meatloaf for dinner. We sure had a good talk. I am the best.

  11. I think any mentally capable person can see Kelly Ann for what she is – a very highly skilled slithery snake of a Bullshit Artist. She sold our Country out either for a pay check or some other sinister motive. She also probably has a few DSM5 designations.

  12. Kellyanne CON-job and her alternate facts.
    She's had plastic surgery.
    Now, she has an alternate face.

  13. So is Kelly Ann still supporting Trump's lie?? If so, she is truly deplorable and no amount of her fast, slick talking can change that.

  14. how do there men sleep with them .. there kids must hate them or get hate speech everyday .. but kelly is a corn ball ..

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