Three Men Found Guilty In Death Of Ahmaud Arbery

A jury has found that the three men involved in the killing of Ahmaud Arbery, Travis McMichael, Greg McMichael and William Bryan are guilty of various charges.
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  1. A just verdict. But the liberal media lumps this to the Rittenhouse verdict. Ridiculous and bad journalism. In this case the victim was running AWAY. In Wisconsin, the victims were running to and attacking the Rittenhouse kid! How are they alike?

  2. The thing that is really sad here is that the victim Ahmaud Arbery will never be able to experience life on this earth because of what these 3 men did and now must pay for because of it. Material object can be easily replaced. But love ones cannot and may heart goes out to Ahmaud Arbery family. As for for the 3 men found guilty you will now have a lot of time to think about what you all did and I hope you all finally realize this is not a game nor the wild west. I hope pray to God that he will have mercy on your souls and that he protect you while you are in prison.

    A human life is more precious then the most valuable thing on our planet.

  3. As I watch these individuals receive their sentences I can’t help but feel a bit sorry for the,. They are victims of the Right’s constant rhetoric. They have been told that they should be some kind of “citizen police”. That they have some inherent right to detain others. We HAVE to get past the idea of any kind of “citizen’s arrest” scenario in this country. No hillbilly in Georgia of all places has the intelligence, skills, or training to be qualified to detain me or anyone else.

  4. If you watched video, you saw Arbery grab the gun. These 3 men are innocent. Corrupt, lying justice system and media are to blame for this miscarriage of justice.

  5. MSNBC, I’m not aware of anyone defending these murders! Get out of the narrative shaping business! Oh, the good news is there’s plenty of employment opportunities intimidating jurors!🤭

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