These are the most confusing questions Congress asked Zuckerberg

During Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg’s testimony to Congress, not all of the questions lawmakers asked him made sense.


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  1. These Old dudes trying to get wornh and Contaversal statements from Mark and trying make life sht for him. Mark ain't having none of that even though he is loosing brain cells by the minute. 😂

  2. tämäkin on vaan,että saadaan kansalaisia tyytyväiseksi,siellä on semmoista lobbausta sunmuuta että ihan naurattaa,kun ei jaksa itkeä..samaa huumeissa

  3. Come on senator… where’s the interrogator to get into his weak as mind & call his bluff before he answers these questions?
    Saying mark has lost brain cells is giving this dude a pass. He’s not Dumb. But he sure is committed to “acting” dumb & “playing innocent”
    Marks MO: Tho we are absolutely in control of ALL of your single files data and we know exactly what we’re doing and we know our reach and authority and CAN access all of ur data (should we feel so inclined to) however, I will continue to play my part to the “T” because if you knew how powerful I was and in what ways I am breaching your rights as a citizen and binding you into contracts most ppl wouldn’t even give their car insurance ppl access to .. I know I wouldn’t be able to fulfill my plans of world domination so I’m committed to whatever you perceive me as and playing the —> “ oh my goodness! we would never!” role until you are blue in the face and YOU feel stupid asking the questions and I can continue with my evil ass work.”

    When you have no social skills this is as good as ur lame ass tactics are gonna get.
    unfortunately they’re working. And he gets a pass when ppl believe he’s actually that dumb.
    when you don’t use a strategy with wormy ppl like Mark.. he gets away with it.
    We have world class interrogation negotiators…
    That can see through this man like water .. Why are they not involved? It’s Unacceptable. The duty in all roles of higher up government is to protect it’s citizens. & This not that.
    Collaboration & deeper concern is necessary.

  4. They do and I can prove it. I have legal papers that prove it for any congress types that want it. But no one cares. Believe me.

  5. Congressman: Mr.Zuckerburg, do you drink water?

    Mark: Yes from time to time I drink water

    Cangressman: Hitler also drinks water…

  6. People may make fun of zuck, but this time i really felt sad for him.. questions asked are just out of the worlddd😂😂

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