The Transformation of Barron Trump

Even before his father became president, Donald Trump’s youngest son, Barron Trump, was in the public eye. His dad, after all, was a reality TV star and real estate magnate who got plenty of media attention. Of course, once Donald Trump was elected president in 2016, when Barron was just 10 years old, the spotlight got even brighter.

We’ve all watched Barron grow up, and to be clear, he has literally grown. He’s taller than his dad now! It’s also been a learning process as comedians and commentators have sometimes crossed the line when it comes to what they should and shouldn’t say about a president’s young child. This is the transformation of Barron Trump.

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Born in New York | 0:00
Significant baptismal spot | 1:30
Barron’s special nickname | 2:46
Lavish life | 4:04
Loves sports | 5:21
Relationship with dad | 6:33
Relationship with mom | 7:45
Life in the White House | 8:37
Thoughts about politics | 10:01
The world sides with Barron | 11:00
Removed from spotlight | 12:21
School in Florida | 13:37
Taller than his dad | 15:09

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