‘The press lied’: Bill O’Reilly discusses Trump’s tour turnout | Dan Abrams Live

Former Fox News anchor Bill O’Reilly said “the press lied” when reporting on the turnout of his tour with former President Donald Trump.

“They are never going to give Donald Trump credit for anything,” O’Reilly said on “Dan Abrams Live.”

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  1. THE MSM today is the same as the Roman Empire in the first century. You believe the oldest MSM lie. Killing Jesus was not a human sacrifice. Caiaphus said nothing about killing him as a sacrifice. No such thing as royalty today and no such thing as a Pope. You believe a Roman lie about a human sacrifice. God hated all sacrifices especially human sacrifice. Isaiah 1:11 God hates all your rituals and myths. ISAIAH 1 FULL CHAPTER.

  2. Trump draws people in because he is positive, he has a presence and for the most part he delivers. Don't think he would constantly lie for his own ego. Biden is an empty suit.

  3. When Nancy ment by oh we will find something on him this was totally it . By slamming president Trump with Covid 19 virus

  4. And at every presidential debate Trump and Biden had everytime Biden was put on the spot had no lies to come up with . He pulled the Covid card . Covid this oh Covid that oh we can’t have Don be our president look how late it took for him to take action about Covid 19 virus

  5. The. November 2019 Covid cases we’re in The USA as deadly we know it everyone in the whitehouse knew about the situation including Mike Pence . Only people did not know was Trump and Trumps family until mid February March of 2020 election year

  6. When Nancy pelosi ripped those papers was because trump was found Not guilty on impeachment. Reporters asked her what are you going to do now Nancy replied oh we will find something on him

  7. The problem is that the government does nothing for Middle Class people. And those are the people that gives workers at the poverty level income a break. The GOP party seems to just be political now. What kind of leader is that? It's certainly not the US, all the government does is act like China even if it is a sharp complaint.

  8. Used to like you Bill, used to respect Trump, not anymore, both of you sold out to Big Pharma…and right now you're just a useful idiot to Trump!

  9. The ONLY insurrection is the BIDEN CLAN itself.

    LOOK what horrible, permanent damage he and his LEFTY LOONY TOONS have already done in such a short time!

    EVERYTHING…everything Biden ever did was an unmitigated disaster. For nearly 50 years…EVERYTHING he did was a failure. All the fools who voted for this pathetic, kleptocratic, truculent and pathetic idiot have American blood on their hands.

  10. I'm so sick of the lying media! Don't watch news anymore lies! President Trump has great turn outs at all his rallies! Best President!!

  11. Liberals are nothing more then a bunch of lying, corrupt morons. Do you really want idiots like liberals making decisions for you. Think about it.

  12. Dan is jealous. All his snarky remarks. Bill is right. No one would spend 7500 to listen to a career Democrat or Republican politician speak!

  13. Abrams spent more time castigating O'Reilly on how much he and Trump made VS: lying Media on how many! Another wanna be. The first honest fact checked media host who shows up will also be a rich person!

  14. Sure they did! HAHAHA The one subject that Trump can never stop talking about is himself! Such a grand LOSER!

  15. Election time is going to be coming up soon they're trying to throw the numbers off again there good at and the press really does like helping them

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