Texts Reveal Donald Jr & Fox News Hosts Begging Trump to Stop Insurrection Insanity

Rain poured down on Los Angeles today, Flavor Flav’s car got hit by a boulder on his way to LA from Vegas, Jimmy attended the Spider-Man: No Way Home premiere, Liz Cheney of Wyoming has shared a series of frantic texts from notable insiders to Trump Chief of Staff Mark Meadows during the January 6th insurrection including Donald Trump Jr and multiple Fox News hosts, cases of COVID are up across the country and especially bad in Florida, Toy R Us is looking to return from the dead and we get a visit Geoffrey the Giraffe, and since Christmas is only 10 days away we found the perfect gift for the conspiracy theorist in your life courtesy of Mike Lindell (James Adomian).

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  1. Trump offered Pelosi 10,000 National Guards, but she refused. Why? Would they have interfered with her and the undercover FBI agents plan to blame Trump supporters?? That is all Biden has, is January 6. He is a total, complete failure on every level. Just bc FOX beats every other station at a ratio of 6:1. Almost the same as Gutfeld! beats your shitty show by a ratio of 11:1.

  2. I recall when this guy was funny. Back when he worked with Ben Stein. Hey Jimmy, have you seen GUTFELD! He is hilarious!! And when FOX releases a 14 video he gets a million views within 4 hours. Took you a month.

  3. Just because you turned off the comments at the baby bachelorette doesn't mean we can't air our views.What the hell are you inciting using kids ,even the parents are on the wrong exposing the kids to such.What kind of generation of kids are we bringing up?Lord have mercy

  4. I used to get Kimmel on live bt since Dec 13 nothing. Its my favorite what am I doing wrong. Yes, I subscribed

  5. i used to get kimmel on youtube live but even if i subscribe i can't get him since dec 13 what am i doing wrong?

  6. How is Fox "News" still on the air? They're responsible for so many Covid deaths by denying it exists. Meanwhile, I did a little digging and I just found that most Fox anchors are not only vaccinated but they're double vaxxed. I'd love to see Laura Ingraham try to explain that one😂

  7. Didn't you figure out anything. Don't bring G W Bush on your show. Bush has known sin and he with Chaney have blood on their hands….

  8. I seriously love that Jimmy sees how obviously ridiculous Republicans are these days and fox news in general. I don't consider myself left or right but this whole situation is clearly Trumps fault. It's crazy he hasn't answered for these deaths yet in court. He could have told people to go home instead of letting that insanity happen on the 6th.

  9. It has been a crazy year full of sadness and loss.😌😌😌

    I hope this year will be full of safety, joy and a happy life for all of you.❤💯😇😇

    You have all my love and respect, with your love I can move forward, thank you.💯

  10. Kimmel, Trump has been out for a while now and thats all you can talk about. Enough already! Seems all yo pedophiles are stuck on Trump.

  11. Where in the hell, does the Traitor get Executive Privilege from an insurrection covid deaths, and total destruction of the Democratic process of the United States

  12. A brandon crew trymp fidnt insurrect..real insurrection done by democraps of california and newyork durng BLM

  13. How's the ratings going all I need to know about, This About aunt Alice and the skinny dipping scene at gun creek.

  14. An “insurrection” where the Kapitol Kops politely opened the doors and let in a few known and identified Soros-paid goons who tried to pretend they were Trump supporters Oh, and that one real Trump supporter woman that the Kapitol Kop murdered. Yeah, everyone knows that the deep state dems planned this nonsense. Pelosi, aka Wicked Witch of the West knew all about it and probably helped plan it.

  15. What insurrection? The Capitol thing was preplanned by FBI provocateurs, Trump had nothing to do with it. That’s been proven.

  16. I can’t wait to see Jimmy ranting in 2024 when Trump wins again 😂

    You’ll need all 81 million votes again 🤣

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