Surprise! Trump’s ‘election fraud’ fundraising is not what it seems

Former President Donald Trump talked a good game about fundraising to fight “election fraud,” but not all of the funds raised by his political PAC are being used for that purpose. In the latest episode of The Point, CNN’s Chris Cillizza explains where the money is going — and why.

*Correction: An outline of the state of Minnesota instead of Michigan popped up at 3:04.


Trump’s PAC collected $75 million this year, but so far the group has not put money into pushing for the 2020 ballot reviews he touts

Simpsons – Monorail Song

Trump asks for ‘election defense’ donations, but the money also benefits his new leadership PAC

Trump’s PAC collected $75 million this year, but so far the group has not put money into pushing for the 2020 ballot reviews he touts

Trump agrees to shut down his charity amid allegations that he used it for personal and political benefit

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Producer: Moira Donohue
The Point Editor: Leigh Munsil
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  1. watching from the outside u americans are entertaining.
    its like u put normal babies in a sack, shake them up and voila u get american babies.

  2. Simply, Supporters: " we'll do anything for you, Master"
    Anything? Please prove your loyalty by bending over and taking it like a pro. Sure, and we'll even pay you for it too.

  3. THE SINS OF MAN !!!
    Our world resembles a ruthless game
    Where all are eager players.
    There's smiles of joy and tears of woe
    With hate, lust, love and prayers.

    Overrun by war and uncontrolled greed
    Our world becomes more wicked each day.
    Dishonest politicians, criminals and the media
    Survive by their falsehoods at play.

    Evil deeds are Life’s test of resolve
    To destroy or increase our measure.
    All mankind has times of woe
    As we hunger for happiness, sex and treasure.

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  4. This soy boy wouldn't last 5 minutes in a room with Trump.

    Slandering Trump as a swindler when he was the only president to not collect paychecks. His net worth decreased $700,000 while in office. If money was his motive he wouldn't be anywhere near this situation.

    Obama's net worth was 30 times higher after his term. Biden has already increased the federal debt by $7 trillion within a year compared to Trumps $6 trillion in 4 years. Politicians are leaches to the American people and will do whatever it takes to fill their pockets. Trump doesn't play the same game as them and that's why they wanted him gone.

    TRUMP 2024!

  5. How stupid do traitor Trump supporters need to be ? He has proved over and over all that money goes to his private accounts, paying off the entire FoxNews channel, paying off all the republicans in Congress to defy anything that is not in traitor Trump's interest and paying off the DOJ….

  6. That’s awesome and I can’t imagine it isn’t true, Trump is after all a hustler with out a doubt. While you are doing explanations of former politicians using fund raising in shady ways maybe you could do Obama, Clinton or perhaps Bush?

  7. It's funny, when you type 'election fraud latest' into Youtube, every video displayed only support the case against fraud! That smacks of censorship to me. 😜

  8. Why isn't anyone auditing the 2016 ballots in the swing states election fraudster Trump supposedly won? He rigged 2016 with or without Russia. I believe his 3.5 million popular vote loses was magnitudes higher than any President that ever won an election. All these lies about fraudulent elections indicate Trump planned & rigged ballots in 2016 too.

  9. grifters know that almost anyone can be caught by the grifter the first time and that some people you can only fool once. Then there are others who go along with the grift because they never will see it. There are those who catch on but don’t want to admit they were fooled so they remain silent and let the grifter continue to milk the blind ones. Trump milking what’s left blind ones by using a subscription scam based on his return to office. He uses the media to supply the messages that keeps the grift going fully aware that because of the power of confirmation bias it reinforces the promise that then keeps the grift going forward. Any new information is just discounted as fake news. Running for President again is his new grift and the big payoff for him is to die in office and not in jail. The small payoff is it provides the resources to still pretend he rich on their dime for as long as it lasts.

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