Snapchat, Tik Tok and YouTube Execs Testify before Congress – Livestream

Tune in at 7:00am PT / 10:00am ET on Tues. Oct. 26 when executives from Snap, Tik Tok and YouTube testify before US Senate Committee on Commerce, Science and Transportation about “Protecting Kids Online”.

Witnesses include:
Jennifer Stout, Vice President of Global Public Policy, Snap Inc.
Michael Beckerman, Vice President and Head of Public Policy, Americas, TikTok
Leslie Miller, Vice President, Government Affairs and Public Policy, YouTube

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  1. .. 👆👆 Seu serviço é incrível, Ele me ajudou a recuperar minha conta. Obrigado pelo seu excelente trabalho

  2. .. 👆👆 Seu serviço é incrível, Ele me ajudou a recuperar minha conta. Obrigado pelo seu excelente trabalho

  3. Any testimony to our leftist government about corrupt social media will be ignored since the media is pro-leftist!


  5. 1) blanket ban for children on all the problematic app features;
    2) reverse the privacy controls for adults so that the default is full privacy, and the user can opt through the menu to loosen their own privacy controls.
    That should do as a start.
    The elephant in this Congressional hearing room is that the social media companies can look good describing all their privacy control options, when everyone knows that the vast majority of users don't care or can't be bothered to manage their privacy settings.
    Looking forward to a decade's time when we all reminisce and laugh about how nobody paid for their preferred social media services back in the 2020's and we just used to put up with these 'free' crappy first-wave data brokerage operations.

  6. Next one is t Mobile no good service and getting all customers privacy data…when u call customer service csr are overseas

  7. Is this going to be one of those slap on the hand, meaningless, fake scrutiny deals, (money exchanging behind closed doors) and nothing actually changes? Cause id bet secret money on that lol

  8. Ted Cruz should have had an entire hour to question the tik tok representative until he answered the questions. He only answered 1 question then danced around saying yes or no on the second question.

    Tik Tok is suspected to have practiced espionage as an instrument of the CCP. His non-answer and refusal to provide an answer were all the evidence necessary to come to this conclusion. If there's nothing to hide, a simple yes or no will do.

    Tik Tok is an espionage tool for the CCP and should be raided by the feds immediately.

  9. I feel that YouTube was the best, most informed and the one who has done the most work being respectful of their users.

  10. Yeah I know what you expect. There are only two people. I and Us. Im o. Because there is no Us

  11. company executives want to keep the money flowing in. It's all about the Money, that's the purpose of these social media companies.

  12. Do the executives think they'll break out in shingles if they simply answer Yes or No? The data collected is frightening, there's no honorable reason to get face and voice prints, key stroke patterns.

  13. Who gets to decide what's misinformation about covid this stupid thing is so new how can they be sure what is misinformation and what it's not. They talked about censoring Americans but yet they are promoting censoring Americans at the same time.

  14. This is really odd! If you speed up the video to 2X, then it seems to be running at normal speed, except the syllables are a bit clipped. Of course the motions is about twice as fast.

  15. Anyone thinks that this all could be government tactic to regulate social media to have more control? Seems like Democrats are throwing social media under the bus after they helped them winning the last election.

  16. parents also need to step up and do more,. its your child you need to make sure they don't fall into this stupid stuff,. you're responsible for them,. Its not all on social media,.

  17. 53:00 I love how a politician gives a speech about these platforms effecting health but if a politician can’t stand up to the NRA then they aren’t going to stand up to these companies

  18. Where is Twitter during all this oh I forgot sentors and politicians use it Twitter is more toxic then any of these sites lol selective outrage at its finest

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