Shane Reti on Judith Collins losing National Party leadership

National MPs will elect a new leader on Tuesday after a bruising caucus session dumped Judith Collins on what has been described as “not our best day” for the party.

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  1. Too many Globalists in both major political parties in New Zealand giving two heads of the same corrupt snake – selling NZ down the river.

  2. Could you please provide better microphones for the press so the answers make sense to the questions asked? Thank you

  3. Amazing that the herald allow you to comment on this but not the monster and her covid policy. Interesting 🤔

  4. an opportunity to say what we think about that issue? Furthermore why is the "opposition party" not opposing censorship.

  5. that time would always be an interim leader, just a steward to hold the ship steady until a real leader arises. She got what was naturally coming to her.

  6. Vote of no confidence in National leadership. Vote of no confidence in NZ governance full stop. These politicians "words are but wind 🌬️".

  7. I would say to the National Party with a very large voice. "Can you guys now get your shit together and offer us an party that we can vote for." National Party members of old would be rolling over in their graves seeing the party descend as it has done over the last few years. Ardern is waving her right hand with the Covid 19 flag in it while she is shagging our country with the left hand. That Lying, Sexist, Marxist, Racist, Commi MOLE just has to go and at present the opposition is playing games with what was said FIVE FREAKING YEARS AGO.!!!!!. National is send our country down the shitter by not putting up a credible alternative to the Tea towel wearing fraud.

  8. If some of the liberal members of the National are worried about where they are heading just go on Simeon Browns Facebook page and see the type he attracts. Apparently after looking like Collins lapdog for the last 18 months he is now switching to Bridges. Normal people of the centre right don’t let yourself be captured by the nut bars in the party.

  9. Fantastic watching the train wreck National has become.
    Each new leader telling us all they're not going anywhere…nek
    Dear Joody Poohs.. You should NEVER run with scissors.

  10. To keep the National Party intact,Judith Collins gone,Simon Bridges has to go aswel..they both in same can they Run the country..when they cant finish fighting themselves…

  11. this guy a real Kiwi or just another rich basterd full of power and out of touch?..who is his first love?..Aotearoa?..or China?

  12. Simon is interesting, a QC so he must be intelligent but some people don't like that?? they must be intimidated..

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