SE Cupp blasts Trump for January 6 news conference

CNN political commentator SE Cupp reacts to former President Donald Trump’s announcement that he will hold a press conference at Mar-a-Lago on the first anniversary of the attack on the US Capitol. #CNN #News


  1. 2022 and news media needs to set a new years resolution to tell the truth. Happy New Year everyone.

  2. It's a bad move for trump to do a press conference. It's ridiculous(he's the perpetrator)and he is fueling propaganda once again. MSM should not give any coverage on this. I really hope they make the wise decision and decline coverage.

  3. “News Confidence “??
    what exactly did Trump say that CNN has an issue with?
    Or is it that CNN just wishful that someone might call them “news” again?

  4. more folks vaccinated = more healed folks- naysayers claim freedom and constitutional rights- yes- but in this case- for the "good" of the population lauded/renowned scientists/experts
    tell us that these vaccinations will serve to heal not track you nor hurt you – not obvious?

  5. You know what makes me physically ill SC Cupp, (Children's Naughty Network) has yet another producer (Rick Saleeby) under investigation for child sex crimes. Comment about that, Please.

  6. No other President & his Admin in US History have been bestowed such a resounding public sentiment catch phrase celebrated so many citizens Globally as 'Let's Go Brandon.'

  7. Trump! Fear! TRUMP!! we said TRUMP… CNN.. We used to be an amazing news outlet that reported 24hr nonbiased journalism… but our ratings our dying, so we're crying, TRUMP!

  8. What the Hell happened to my country. I think Putin helped elect Trump to divide and defeat America.

  9. the vaccine his "operation warp speed" made possible?
    the vaccine Kamala said she would not trust if Trump was involved with it?

  10. CNN FAKE NEWS. Why aren't you eporting on your 3 year coverage of a fake steel dossier? Now that the truth has come out. CNN Americans have your fake news number.

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