1. Not santa but the devil in woven upon woven LIES ; sentence him : U.S. CODE 18 , Insurrection,Rebellion,Treason , Fraud, and lying to America about the covid which should be a class suit

  2. It had to hurt for Delusional Trump to admit he got a vaccine for the witch hunt virus that he never wanted to acknowledge. This is going to haunt him.

  3. I do not understand anymore. Trump wants to forgive the rioters, but according to Trump and his supporters, the assailants of the Capitol are the FBI, the RINOS, the antifas, and therefore political opponents who acted to discredit him. Trump condemns in his speeches those he wants to pardon

  4. Probably gave all the yellow snow eaters out there a splitting headache – of course they could always rationalize/deny that that wasn't really tRump!

  5. The default defeated defects and demoralizing formerly known as the cockwobbler of all time Trump told the truth and his base didn't believe him.

  6. The true Trump supporters will maintain that Trump didn't get the vaccine, even though there is video of him saying he did. They will claim it's all a trick to fool the Deep State, or something.

  7. The democracy in the USA is under attack and in serious danger!
    The threat from fascists and racists today is similar to the 1930s in Germany!
    Not only 1 or 2 or 3 political leaders telling lies but the whole political party GOP does!
    They know they are telling big lies but they "enjoy" doing it!
    It's scary that they have no shame!
    May God bless the USA and protect our troops.

  8. Lets ignore that shall we.
    I have been in quarantine for a year. I am in a prison. Can't even trust my son in Canadian schools. Child Protection Services take him for a "professional evaluation" which I can not attend, then keep the report secret.

  9. Love it! Trump not only got the vaccine he got the booster for a while all the right-wing idiots out there are dying like raided flies!

  10. Good one But Please refer to Trump As the World biggest loser who want all republicans to pay for his legal bills. and Thank Too old Joe for the Vaccine!

  11. As much as I enjoy the relentless savaging of Trump and his fellow traitors by the Lincoln Project I do wonder if there’s some other way they could use their collective skills to break through Republican voters mindsets. If the majority of Republican voters still think the election was stolen then something is still seriously wrong. How to deal with cult brainwashing is the biggest hurdle we all face. The belief in trump is incredible given the facts about him and yet they still follow him. Breaking the spell is vital.

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