SA Unrest I Three more alleged instigators arrested

Three more alleged instigators of the past week’s unrest have been arrested.
The three were not part of the initial 12 that authorities had identified.
Earlier we spoke to our reporter Reginald Witbooi.

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  1. Stop the cover up. Give us names. They must be charged with TREASON.
    Our journalists need a wake up. They protecting governments crap too.

  2. Bheki Cele is protecting. His friends while throwing the small fish under the bus , pretending that these were the master minds of this —— this thing took organisation at the highest level while waiting for a smoke screen to arrive .. just look at who had tea with who and where one week before this blew up —— as sure as night follows day another attempt with another smoke screen will avail its self.

  3. The truth of the matter is that we have a fail state:more than 21 forces in the country but still we suffer such havok .SAPS ,SANDF,Traffic Police,Municipal Police,SOE,SOU,SSA,SIU,SCCU,SASSA,NIA,JSCI,IPID,IG,HRIU,FIC,AFU,HAWKS etc DISGRACE TO GOVERNMENT.

  4. I question if they r telling the truth!! Normally the police can never find thugs n murderers who carry out high crimes !! How come soo quick now !!! For years pple have no trust in the system !!!

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