Role Of Trump Era Corruption Pondered In Delay Of Arrest Of Trump Friend Barrack

Rachel Maddow considers the possibility that a delay in the indictment of Donald Trump friend and inauguration committee chair Tom Barrack, as reported by CNN, could be part of an apparent pattern of corrupt deference to Trump associates by the Department of Justice in the Trump era, or perhaps a stall to wait out Trump’s pardon power. 
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  1. All of these allegations from the media's opinion on certain are very biased. This is why I don't believe what stories are being produced

  2. Get on with your life. If Justice were important to you you'd be 24 7 Hunter and Joe Biden. And riddle me this, why hasnt the FBI and CNN conduct a predawn raid on Faucis place as he is just as guilty as Roger Stone in lying to Congress. Your hypocrisy is literally sickening.

  3. No one buys this. It might be that after getting caught with Russia gate they were hesitant to go after another Trump associate. But the corruption is all left all the time and people are getting fed up with it. You got left rioting for a year yet do a nationwide search for one right riot and you got Biden openly selling influence through hunter as we speak; not ti mention the election theft. No more election cheating. So after this run America returns to freedom snd fairness.

  4. Jared mystery trip to Saudi Arabia? and 666 5th Ave. It's not all Russia, Russia. Dems one track mind on Russia, but all along it was Jared and Tom Barrack U.A.E. deals. I'll bet Jared rec'd his loan deal for (666) he needed and that's is why Jared and Ivanka has gone poop. Again, in our face.

  5. Marcos and why is there a delay,well after 30 million spent by Mueller and nothing
    NY AG has gone after Trump numerous times and nothing.
    Y'all are like a really horrible news cycle.

    Howz about we look 👀 nap Pelosi Feinstein and Old Schiff for brains
    I mean while we are looking
    They are spending. And sucking up tax payer money.

    Seems like you would have gotten a bigger brain than Mueller

  6. If those original prosecutors had formally charged him Trump would have pardon him and this way he may wait that going to jail for 20 years that would really be nice to see Trump LA finally ending up in jail jail

  7. What possible reason would this FRAUD have to be part off Trump's inaugural committee other than to sell out the U.S. in order to line his pockets with more illegal money? You know, just like Trump?

  8. Fake news selling propaganda for Democrats everyone in America knows this and laughs at them really loud and alot…..

  9. How many more of TRUMP's cronies are going to get arrested & get jailed before the LAW catches up with the HEAD HONCHO? Not much longer I hope as Trump poses a 'Clear & Present Danger' to the US

  10. Can justce department or prosecutors be held accountable to the law for basically conspiring or colluding to bring criminal charges against folks? I mean if I were accused of robbing a bank, and had a friend in DOJ keep the case from moving forward, could that friend be held criminally accountable?

  11. lol more fake news for the brain dead leftards to believe. There is real corruption that actually exists in the Biden regime but you won't look at it .

  12. The US Justice department under Trump was totally corrupt with government behaving like a third world corrupt banana republic

  13. and nobody has been charged or arrested youd think a head of the department of justice (cant call it that after this crap !!) youd think barr would have been arrested already and that law breaking storm of trump !! even tried to do a coup !! a coup !! and yup ding ding ding NOTHING !! should have been in jail long time ago !! not now for this !! but years ago !! and what about everything certain members of congress and senators are covering up .at war with an investigation into the attempted coup we just seen on live tv !! justice !! my a– !! laws for regular people laws for politicians and wealthy people !! very different things .people mostly people of color in jail for cannabis or just really stupid things .but of course jails have to be fed .just not by real criminals !! those have money and friends in real high places !!

  14. Maybe because all the 4x convicted grifters friends and allies were pardoned by the fraud ex president, the DOJ waited until a new president was able to be in charge and allow the to-be-convicted Barrack to be charged, convicted, sentenced, and jailed for the rest of his life. Just because they're rich these elites believe they are untouchables in that the law and tax payments are for the poor ( Helmsly said this back just before she went to prison) while the rich stay rich by paying no taxes we the working people make up for their refusal to support the tax based government.

  15. So I know people here in Arizona who will believe whatever FOX news tells them is the reason for something like this…. anyone know what Fox IS saying why this happened??

  16. barrack got such a lotta money
    any bail will do
    so there we have it
    justice system will have to proove that it is not a matter of the millions on your accounts that have a say over done it, or not done it, or better sayed: done it but who cares less

  17. Are all those prosecutors still in the DOJ? Doesn't seem like anyone appointed by trump in the legal system are not being fired or indicted…..what's up with that?

  18. The only reason that Sleazy weasel Kushner and Adolf Trumpf were interested in the middle east was pure money! They didn't even know how to conduct foreign policy, so big oil money was on their minds! And I think they were trying to use arms sales as a way to get some kind of kickbacks!

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