Rahul Gandhi rides tractor to Parliament to back protesting farmers; Congress workers detained

Congress leader and Wayanad Member of Parliament Rahul Gandhi was seen driving a tractor outside the Parliament to protest new farm laws. He was accompanied by Congress MPs and workers. Rahul accused the government of suppressing farmers and running away from a debate on three new farm laws. At the protest site, police detained several Congress leaders and workers. There was major ruckus inside Lok Sabha where opposition demanded a debate on three new farm laws. The pandemonium prompted the Speaker to adjourn the House for two hours.


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  2. When i see comments here i see the same situation of AP 2 years ago, when jagan was ridiculed made fun off and today he has 151 MLAs 22 Mps and no oppoisition to question and people of AP are super satisfied with his welfare schemes….same may be the case tomorrow with rahul gandhi

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  4. Come come ,, rahul ,.. did he get inside .. I cannot see ,, Security! Shoot who ever is on tractor..
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    Ganghi!! Turn turn .. I don't want to be called shahid… Please

  5. Every time I hear about opposition they're still using their decades old tactics. Refuse to modernise, just like their voter base.

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