Punjabi singer & Congress leader Sidhu Moose Wala shot dead day after security withdrawn

Punjabi singer and rapper Sidhu Moose Wala, who had joined the Congress before the Punjab polls, was shot dead in a village in Punjab’s Mansa district on 29 May. This comes a day after Punjab Police withdrew Sidhu Moose Wala’s security, along with 423 others.

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  1. So sad.
    Punjab Govt.. Should clarify to the Court about the leakage of secret letter relating security matters in media.
    and second :-
    FIR of murder should also be registered against Punjab DGP, DGP-Security, DGP-Intelligence, Range IG and concerned District SSP.

  2. What about Kashmir law & order and killings of Kashmir Pandits and innocent people, army people & police officers even after revoke article 370 & under the ruling of BJP government nominated governor's rule

  3. The AAP model. It was well known that AAP had connection to separatists and NRI gangsters. This is the result of bringing them to power. Turns out his murderers are NRI gangsters. I am sure AAP took away the security based on the gangsters suggestions.

  4. Waiting for the Gupta ji’s cut the clutter on this one. Any Punjab related issues is close to his heart.

  5. Honey singh ko marna chaaiye tha aise is singer ko kyon mara kyonki honey singh apne song main maa bahen ki gaaliyon ka istemaal karta hai 😢 rip

  6. Sad to loose a young artist. It was alledged all along that AAP is supported and funded by militants n NRIs with pro Khali bend. Party was blindly voted to power overwhelming ly despite these misgivings. Amrinder Singh had repeatedly warned of foreign forces threat. All parties must extend wholehearted support to Mann govt. to eliminate such forces with nerves of steel. Give police n security forces free hand.

  7. Illiteracy and fukrapanti is rampant in Punjab. Moose wala himself was promoting gun culture is his songs.

  8. Gang war.
    bishnoi gang vs bambiha group
    “ he supported bambhia group ” even came up with song bambhia bole
    Couple of bishnoi gangsters were encountered
    Bambhia though he had hand in it
    He left his police provided bulletproof car & 2 police guards at home took jeep instead

  9. सिदु Bhai को भगवान् उनकि अत्मा को शन्ति से😂😂😂 ओम् शांति ओम् ,https://

  10. Again FACTUALLY WRONG PRINT, his security wasn’t withdrawn, his personal police personnel was reduced from 4 to 2, that’s all. He sadly didn’t take them & the bullet proof car provided by the govt when he went out this time.
    Gang culture & Violence in Punjab must stop. I know AAP govt is newly elected, but I think they should go the Yogi way & just start carrying out encounters against gangsters like it’s done in UP, MP, Bihar.

  11. उचिया ने गल्लां तेरे यार दियां





    बस ओए

  12. What's the heck going in Punjab first that RPG type attack on government building now this…

  13. Lol what😂 Just saw this news and don't know how to react. This filthy person used to defame our glorious Punjab by promoting and glorifying guns , ak 47 , gun culture , violence and swag in the name of gun. He was a underground gangster and Khalistani supporter too. Was booked under Arms Act and he also went underground during call for his arrest and jailment.
    A vicious gun culture has engulfed Punjab , Delhi and neighbouring parts. Youth should be very careful to whom they listen and consider their idol. Please understand that violence is not cool.
    Punjabi songs nowadays are incomplete without Drugs , Alcohol , Guns and Expensive Cars. Gone are those days when beautiful Punjabi songs were heard all over the world.
    Rip Sidhu Moosewala. Your murder made me realise that "Karma" is God's way of dealing with rubbish.

  14. Ab defend kro na aam aadmi party ko jo tere bhadwe chanel ka kaam hai BJP 4 states me jeeti thi uska ek bhi news nahi par Aam aadmi party ne history create ki krke itni randi rona kiya tha iss chanel ne

  15. It's appalling the way things are transpiring in Punjab.
    The state once known for its culture and hospitality is always in news these days for all the wrong reasons.
    There are many entities which want to create unrest in Punjab, it's the people of Punjab who needs to decide where their current and future generation interests lie.
    And with current Punjab government sympathetic towards separatists doesn't help the cause.

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