President Uhuru pays his last respects to former President Mwai Kibaki

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  1. Rest in peace the third,we are all candidates of death my sincere condolences to the entire family,Gover nd all the Kenyans citizen

  2. Enyewe Huyu alikuwa mutongoria hadi saa hii sijasikia porojo za siasa mazishini wote wako serious nikama atarudi

  3. Because I cannot afford this kind of send off after I pass out I beg to be criminated or my body be feed to wild animals on this I will make a will

  4. UHURU:-" we should bury you with brand new shoes right?
    KIBAKI: "Hiyo ni kukosa adabu…" i will wear used RUTO shoes
    UHURU "But why? People will come to view your body?
    KIBAKI : kubafff…Mimi "SIPANGAGWI "😁

  5. What's wrong with these camera or video people.Lack of complete respect!unacceptable 🤔

  6. Kwa wote wameachwa na wapendwa wao , peace 🕊️🕊️🕊️🕊️🕊️🕊️.Go well our former president Mr .kibaki. Man of few words.

  7. ehh…a disappointment and the root cause of the worse tribalism and dictatorship we have in our country today….
    …a template of what not to follow..
    ..we should mourn the opportunities our country lost to become immesurably better….an ungrateful individual….
    …to drinkers within the…..
    tertitory….one bottle each day to mourn those who perished on 2007 pev….
    ….an example never to be emulated…..

  8. A man with wisdom an economist.Bsness worked during your time.May peace of God be upon you as you rest.

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