Prashant Kishor's Latest Swipe At Congress, With Folded Hands

Prashant Kishor, after nearly joining the Congress weeks ago, declared today that he would “never go with the party”, folding his hands for emphasis.

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    Congress Party’s main problem is that they have identified Congress Party with Nehru-Gandhi family. If Nehru-Gandhi family lose importance or become very unpopular, the party too will lose. This is what is happening now. Also the Gandhi family do not want to lose the grip over the party.

    Congress is vanishing from state after state. Gandhi family do not have any clue over the same. They are not strengthening the party or working to make the party relevant in those states.

    Congress is now run by the fifth generation of Nehru-Gandhi family. The fifth generation of Gandhi family have decayed too much. Nehru and Indira Gandhi became powerful leaders because of their personal charisma and their merit. Rajiv Gandhi had the goodwill of Gandhi surname. But Rahul do not have the same luck. Also Rahul is a poor replica of his ancestors.

    Gandhi family will not allow any leader to raise in the party, because they are afraid that they may become more powerful in the party. At the same time all these three Gandhis are too dumb to lead the party. Hence all the leaders one by one are leaving the party to greener pastures.

    Just like a child don't feel the need to work as he is fed by his parents even though he is not hungry, congress is not feeling the need to work to.come into power. Hence the congress even doesn't know the ways to connect with people and request them to vote for them.

    Their are many parties which have ideology similar to congress which eat into Congress votes in various States. While on the other other hand bjp has got virtual Monopoly in their ideology.

    The Congress of 1980 and before was one of power and popularity. Congress attracted the best intellect then. Nepotism has pushed the party to the brink. The mediocre leadership is only increasing its decay faster. In the present situation Congress may find it difficult to retain the present strength. Congress will not be able to win even 50 seats in 2024 forget about winning 2024 elections.

  2. Inspite of trolling prashant kishore let's use our first brain…why most of the political party want his Ipac Service ??? Politician are amongst most clever people . They may have seen potential in him. So let's not underestimate or overestimate him.

  3. Hardik Patel ki Prashant Kishor Kaun Bharosa Karega jitne bhi Neta hai Sab Dal badlu hai koi bhi Bharosa mat karo is netaon per ine jaise gaddaron ki vajah se Hindustan Barbad hai

  4. Useless fellow
    After Bengal elections he said
    BJP still in 2019 mood
    That's over

    Recently he said
    BJP will rule another 20-30 years
    (in future probably bjp another century rules
    that's different issue

    He expected congress will project for PM post
    Lot of disappointment
    Now he is blaming congress

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