Piers Morgan REVEALS what really happened in explosive Donald Trump interview

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  1. Yep the reason I like him because he speaks his mind, sometimes a bit harsh but rarely off point!.

  2. Trump doesn’t really believe in the “election fraud”. He had been setting up that scenario from the beginning of his presidency.

  3. As strump said he is npt a honest person. Here is the prove a puppy with trump and look. Trump is trump with anyone

  4. Well here we go another liar exposed. Some people will do anything to still make themselves look important. It’s basically our Piers

  5. Trump set booby traps to sabotage Biden's Presidency so that can ride in like a Knight in shining armour and win the next election.

  6. Not a trump fan, but anyone that did any serious research into that election knows it was fraudulent. The never before seen rule changes, in swing states only, tell enough before diving deeper. Piers needs to look outside his mainstream sources, which in the west are all under the umbrella of 6 entities.

  7. Is there a more arrogant, egotistical human being than Morgan… I doubt it !
    A bought and paid for globalist puppet.

  8. Trump doesn’t think the election was stolen for one minute. He can’t grift off of people who think he lost……

  9. liar and fake. no body going to point out the video proof that this dude is lying about all of this just to get attention? video proof none of what he says is true

  10. Clear off Morgan. Go back to America. Under Sleepy Joe, they deserve you.
    Boycott his Talk TV program.

  11. Old man Morgan would not know the truth if it crawled up his butt and bit him. Despicable excuse of a human being.

  12. Watch 2000 mules, objectively, and then say there was no fraud in the 2020 election. If you do, watch it again, really objectively.

  13. Why does everyone think that, Trump believes he lost the Election? He knows he lost it? He's just lying and lying – why are people believing his lies? Baffles me!

  14. Shapiro was right. This spineless weasel really would dance on the graves of children whenever he got the chance.

  15. Piers, don't bite the hand that feeds you ya cheeky cunning Brit! You are nothing without Trump, you're a male version of Megyn "Me-again" Kelly

  16. Why doesn't Morgan interview Obama,Hillary,Nancy Pelosi or Joe and Hunter Biden?
    He sounds like a giddy school girl when he talks about Trump.How petty.

  17. man, now that the unedited version is out, this turned out well lol. piers, you are so full of doubts

  18. 2000 mules WATCH IT FOOLS. NO EVIDENCE??? Get your heads out of the Clintons As*holes and maybe u would see the truth

  19. piers is a charlatan, he is as fake as they come. Rot in hell you gutter dwelling imbecile.
    Trump 2024…please.

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