Parade Of Trump-Tied Criminal Cases Marches On

The Donald Trump political era did not produce only one, big criminal event that ensnared a large number of associates, but instead horrified Americans with an astounding number and diversity of criminal cases from his business, his campaign, his inauguration, his administration, even his followers, in ongoing federal cases stemming from the January 6th riot.
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  1. Oh this is beautiful. I’m really loving the unraveling of whats really behind that curtain of trump and his supporters. We might not see the whole truth but we gone see something to that effect. ✌🏿

  2. I think Tom Barrack is charged with paying Trumps personal bills with foreign money, and, what’s worse, is that Trump appears to have bragged about withholding aid unless a prosecutor looking into Trump’s sons foreign slush fund employer was fired – and he was in fact fired. Trumps son was apparently using part of the foreign money he received to pay Trumps personal bills (indirectly funneling part of the foreign money to his dad). Trump is denying any knowledge of his sons business of selling access to his dad, and Trump seems to be lying and saying he never met with the foreign groups doing “business” with his son, yet photos and emails now seem to prove that’s a flat lie. And Trump is a known racist, saying he opposed desegregation because his kids would go to school in a “jungle” if blacks were allowed in. But Trumps intellectually stunted supporters just make excuses and pretend none of it exists. Oh, wait. This is all Biden and his son, lol.

  3. Cnn and Msnbc is now considered to be the most hated, dishonest news media outlets in the United States. They work for the elite that want to divide our country so they can enrich themselves. People like pelosi and the biden political thugs are destroying our country. Wake up people. They are using this virus as a political weapon .

  4. Trump, his cabinet and entire administration, and the majority of the Republican(?) Representatives and Senators need to do the walk on charges of sedition against the United States, and fomenting insurrection. Just my anger showing. Apologies, I almost left out crimes against humanity for the over 600,000 covid deaths for personal gain.

  5. MSNBC is on the powerful side just like the communist China media companies are on the side of CCP. When Xi executed the anti-corruption campaign, Chinese people cheered on, only to find out the he was eliminating his opposition factions. Do you all think there is no corruption on the Dems side? Don’t be gullible.

  6. Trump cult sheep are telling the court that “trump told me to” as my parents use to say if someone tells you to jump off a cliff like a lemming => would you do so??
    What happened to this nations moral and ethical integrity and what happened to Critical thinking and Independent thinking
    Since when did Americans believe politicians => they all lie and why would you give your power and freedoms away so easily

  7. We have to remember that nine individuals in or close to the Clinton administration went to jail or fled the country. Yet, we still find people that support both Bill and Hillary.

  8. What about Ed Buck. He gave millions to Democrats. He was just convicted of killing 2 black men by selling them drugs. Many others died because of his drug dealing. This drug money was given to various Democrats campaigns. As far as I know the money wasn't given back. Wheres the MSM on one of their own being a drug dealer.

  9. No pardons for the new clutch. Hopefully the ones trump pardoned will get re-arrested for some of the crimes they were never charged with and the new ones they just committed.

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