1. Wake up America. Republicans only care about corporate greed Republicans are supporting big oil from stealing money from America. Vote blue and get rid of the corruption

  2. How many of these politicians own stocks in oil? Pelosi does. How many others own stock in this commodity and try to blame the oil companies while making millions off the stocks!!!! The crooks are the politicians, not Putin or the oil companies!!!

  3. LoL What a joke. Congress wants to hold the Oil companies accountable for high oil prices. Who will hold Congress accountable? Remember the u.s. was energy independent when President Trump was in office. That F**king piece of sheet Biden and the Demacraps did this.

  4. The problem is the political grandstanding by both the Democrats and Republicans. It's this grandstanding and political theatre that has led to inaction and no solutions. Having representatives who have no idea about running a business or employees tell executives to resign is laughable.

    By all means hold companies accountable, but everyone one of those liberal representatives use the products of oil companies and petrochemical companies. It will take a long time to transition and we need policies to get there, including mitigating the impact of emissions while we transition.

    But these pointless hearings are not going to help us in the future. It requires partnering with companies not vilifying them. It will require thoughtful solutions, but thoughtfulness is not something a typical legislator (regardless of what side of the aisle they are on) excels at. They are good at this political theater.

    So if you like the status quo, keep re-electing the clowns that spoke today. If you want change, elect people who can offer solutions rather than drama.

  5. Renewable Energy ♻️:
    1 Wind energy 2 Hydropower
    3 Solar energy 4 Geothermal Energy
    5 Ocean tide energy ( Tidal power 🌊)
    6 Gravitational Potential energy

  6. Green Economy = “Renewable Energy”
    Clean and Safe
    Low/ Zero carbon /Reduce Greenhouse gas
    Low / Zero pollution / “Reduce pollution”

  7. Those vultures are every bit as bad as CEOs of the past. They simply have mastered pseudo-empathetic, fake concerned rhetoric. "Trade association reports!" Shell MURDERED people in the Niger Delta. Chevron MURDERED people in Ecuador.

  8. Guess which U.S. industry CHOSE not to innovate in solar and wind energy? And the U.S. rivals China in PRISON LABOR.

  9. Atmospheric CO2 is higher in 2021 is higher than it has ever been in human history. So much for "Murkan innovators" reducing greenhouse gases on their own.

  10. It's amazing that there are workers willing to risk their own futures, their children's and grandchildren's futures, and their own long term access to food and water, their own safety from wildfires, drought, floods, and other climate disasters —- for short-term access to a paycheck.

  11. This dude demands that workers in OTHER sectors pivot and retrain. He can deal with it. If he supported a sufficient safety net, in the event of job loss, his mortgage and family life would not be threatened.

  12. A green new energy sector would be viable if renewable energy received BILLIONS of $$$ in subsidies like fossil fuels.

  13. Cut the power and heat to AOC’s residence and let’s see how fast she wants to scold clean American energy! She don’t have sense enough to stay warm IF her precious power went out.

  14. The world NEEDS energy, and it's unreasonable to want to eliminate the production and utilization of oil and natural gas.

  15. Grilling Big Oil Executives on their disinformation campaign on Climate Change seems a pointless waste of valuable time to me.
    It's not addressing the real issues:
    How are the World's societies to function without oil?
    What measures and actions can Our species take to minimize the effects of climate change, and what sources of energy can we safely substitute for oil?
    What can each of us do to use less fossil fuels?
    We need strategies Not finger pointing!

  16. The Manufactured Green Agenda for Green Products to be produced in China with fossil fuelled coal plants that China is also offering to other third world countries all so they can produce the Green Agenda Products all in China. Products that require fossil fuels not only for manufacturing but for the actual so called green goods.. all without any emission rules. Meanwhile North American is still importing oil by the billions, for example Canada is destroying it's oil and gas industry meanwhile has imported Saudi Oil by the billions for over a decade and will continue to import Saudi Oil by the billions creating wealth in Saudi and China and others while destroying O&G locally.

  17. this ain't nothing but for show. While begging other countries to drill baby drill! the hell with the Americans. I'm not short minded as we did this last year. AOC is filmed going home cutting on her lights turning on her her heater for heat and then coming back to Congress only to cut down drilling about oil.

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