Officer Gonell Slams Trump's Comments: 'I'm Still Recovering From Those Hugs And Kisses'

When asked by Rep. Liz Cheney on his experiences during the January 6 riot, Capitol Police Officer Sgt. Aquilino Gonell criticizes Former President Trump for calling the rioters “a loving crowd,” saying “I’m still recovering from those hugs and kisses.”

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Officer Gonell Slams Trump’s Comments: ‘I’m Still Recovering From Those Hugs And Kisses’


  1. Cheney was seen and heard saying she will do everything in her power to bring Trump down. She's a nasty piece of work , but this officer is not telling the truth, he's relating this evidence from a script, his face says it all !!! and the fact he's saying all the names of these terroristic groups to remove blame from them shows he's been told what to say.

  2. Trump could have peacefully leave by acknowledging his loss but instead he sent people to attack other people within the same country. No fraud was committed during these elections, several recounts happened, nothing was revealed. This is a lesson to us. Trump will never come back as a president. Thank God!

  3. I would love to see them ask our first responders in every American city that faced months and months of rioting/burning/fighting/terror just how much love, and support our first responders got from our legislators. Come on let’s ask them. The answer is NONE. Instead rioters got Pelosi encouragement and Kamala Harris saying she would pay out of her own pocket to pay their bail so the rioters could do it again.

  4. If the 1/6 incident was a loving crowd; We should arm ourselves, march to Trump's estate, gouge his eyes out and tell him we're there as tourists.

  5. Show boat political grand standing by the left who think all police are racist unless it benefits them to use them to gain political points I stand by what I said before in my previous post and the fact that I can't even get one leftist to debate me on this speaks volumes

  6. Why don't you ask the cops that were really putting there life on the line against blm and antifa they were getting chemicals sprayed in there eyes hit in the head with bricks and frozen water bottles having fireworks shot at them and then having to the so called leadership of these states giving them no support I've seen the jan6 video and what the capital police went through is nothing compared to what these ture patriots went through and what they are still going through now

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